Ashley I. Is Probably Still Single, Y'all

by Nicole Pomarico

After a season of The Bachelor and now two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, there is nothing more in this world that I want than for Ashley Iaconetti to find love. But, after she arrived in Mexico in this week's episodes, she only found heartbreak. She's still totally into Jared, but Jared is totally into Caila, so it's not looking good. But what about after Bachelor in Paradise? Ashley I. single now? It looks like this lady is still flying solo — for now, at least.

Of course, we have no idea what the rest of the season holds, and the promos do make it seem like she and Wells could hit it off when he shows up in Paradise later on. But, whether she's with him, Jared, or someone else after the show, she's not talking. She hasn't tweeted about being in love, and she hasn't Instagrammed herself with anybody special, either. The good news? Despite their drama, it seems like Ashley and Jared's friendship has survived everything that went down in paradise, and that's good to see. I mean, they may not work romantically (for now, anyway), but I kind of love the fact that they're friends anyway.

And, if Ashley is still single, I can't see that lasting much longer. She's so much fun, and she obviously loves hard. The right guy is out there for her. She just has to keep looking. And maybe he's not on Bachelor sponsored vacations, but that's OK. The world is a huge place!

I'm rooting for you, Ashley. We will get you that happily ever after!