If You & Your Period Went To A Therapist

Going into couples therapy is a huge leap, and THINX gets that in their hilarious video of what it would be like to go to couples counseling with your period. If you don't know THINX, they're the brilliant period-proof underwear you can wear with no backup that everyone is raving about and I can't wait to try. They come in different sizes with different absorbencies and basically replace all of your other period apparatus — without all the environment waste and bleached cotton you get with tampons and pads and the like.

I can't think who I'd like to get onto a therapist's couch more than my period. OK, not really— but I definitely have a few harsh words for my period now and again. In fact, I spend most of my period swearing under my breath. It's just a way of life. It makes me emotional, sleepy, and of course, mostly hungry. During my last period I ordered pizza and poured popcorn on it. I regret nothing.

And with Fu Yuanhui speaking candidly about her period affecting her Olympic performance, it's been a great week for period awareness, so it's only fitting we give that time of the month some more love. You can check out the THINX video created by Emma Willmann and Soren & Jolles.

Here are my favorite parts:

She Finally Arrives

Because she's always early or late, isn't she?

And The Drama Begins

Apparently her unpredictable arrival has lead to five ruined couches— white couches. Anything that's white is basically doomed.

And How Does That Make You Feel?

How does all that anger make you feel? "Very misunderstood," apparently.


"Sometimes it's open arms, it's thank god you're here!" and other times, we hate it. Fair enough. Sometimes your period's arrival will be the happiest day of the blessed, not pregnant month. And sometimes it's just an effing pain.

And The Fear Factor

There's also the scaring off potential sex partners, but as the therapist points out, anyone who's scared of some period blood doesn't deserve to be having sex with you. End of story.

What's One Good Thing Your Period Has Done For You?

Taught you that you could eat a whole tub of cookie dough ice cream. And nachos. And everything else. Amen to that.

Oh, and that every time you think it's done there's always a little left. Yup, that too.

Images: Team THINX/YouTube