Glossier Back-To-Reality Trio Will Help You Reset

Whether you’re heading back to school, ending your vacation or just freaking out about summer coming to a close, this is the relaxation kit for you. Find out what’s in Glossier's Back-To-Reality Trio so you can take a little time to pamper yourself and just chill.

Breathe in and out as you let your skin get a deep cleansing, all while adding some minty freshness to your lips and cuticles. That doesn't sound half bad, now does it? A good spa session can work wonders for you, and that’s exactly why this needs to be on each and every person’s back-to-school list. Glossier’s Back-To-Reality Trio lets you shop their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask, Mint Balm Dotcom and Terry Headband at a discount.

When you purchase the bundle, you’re saving $9, so you basically have to buy this. You owe it to yourself! When it comes to copping skincare at a bargain, you don’t have to tell me twice. I’m already headed over to Glossier’s website to add this money-saving, stress-relieving bundle to my cart, and honestly, you should be, too. Because it’s hard to fret when you’ve got a soothing mask slathered all over your face, you know what I'm saying? Glossier's basically therapy for me, so the fact that this kit only costs $40 and will work wonders towards helping me relax makes it totally worth it.

This is Glossier's way of telling us to just relax a little. I'm getting the message loud and clear!

You have to let Glossier's mask sit on your face for 20 minutes to reap the optimum results, which gives you the perfect excuse to have some well-deserved "you time."

You're going to look totally adorable in this terry headband, too. Because cute R&R is the best, after all.

The fact that this trio also includes the Mint Balm Dotcom makes it even more amazing. Its minty goodness is just the kind of thing you need to help you feel recharged.

Back-To-Reality Trio, $40, Glossier

Get to shopping while you can score these products at a discount because good skincare practice and less stress is never a bad thing.

Images: Courtesy Glossier (4)