Get Ready To Say Goodbye To Paulie On 'BB18'

Paulie's downward spiral continued on Big Brother, as he struggled with his new position on the block. On Sunday, Head of Household Victor put Paulie and his BFF Corey on the block for eviction, and to say that Paulie didn't take the news well would be an understatement. This week, Paulie appeared to be at a complete loss on how to proceed, giving up on sweet talking his housemates and lacking any kind of energy. On the one hand, he declared that he didn't want to campaign to stay in the house against Corey — he even told Corey that if he won the Veto he'd save him instead of himself — but, on the other hand, he wants to stay in the game. In the end, he decided to fight to stay in the house, but will Paulie be evicted on Big Brother 18 anyways?

After swearing he'd sacrifice himself for Corey, Paulie couldn't resist trying to snag the Power of Veto for himself during the POV competition, trading in his patriotic unitard for the POV, only to eventually lose out to Victor. Despite the fact that Paulie ended up losing the POV, the fact that he went back on his word to Corey proves he's not just going to roll over and quit after all. He's fighting to stay in the Big Brother house, even if it means sending Corey packing.

Just because Paulie is fighting to stay in the house doesn't mean he will be successful. Other than Nicole, each remaining houseguest seems perfectly content with their choice to evict Paulie this week and give Corey a chance to fight another day. One thing is clear: Paul and Victor want Paulie gone, and given Paul's genuine influence over the house, I doubt anyone would start a movement against him. Furthermore, Nicole, Paulie's one remaining ally in the house other than Corey, isn't about to send her showmance partner home.

It looks like Paulie's Big Brother luck has finally run out. But, as we all know, it's not over until it's over, and Paulie hasn't been evicted yet.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS