Papa Don't Peach Is Better Than We Thought

Oh Jerrod Blandino, you've done it again. The Too Faced co-founder and Chief Creative Officer loves to tease new products on his personal Instagram. His latest share? The Too Faced Papa Don't Peach product, which is packaged in an insanely adorable compact and which looks majorly wearable on all skintones. Blandino and his brand have been teasing Papa Don't Peach, a followup to the best-selling Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which is returning in November. They have also been teasing a peachy range of Too Faced products set for spring. This time, Blandino shared what the inside of the PDP compact looks like. Previously, we had only witnessed the outer shell and packaging. Now that we've gotten a sneak peek of the product itself, it's time to enjoy all the feels that come along with it.

At first, many makeupistas and Too Facers thought that Papa Don't Peach was a palette. But it appears to be a single-serve blush. Bustle reached out to Too Faced PR reps for further details about PDP. They told us more info will be available in December. So stay tuned.

That said, are you ready to get a look at the pan of blush that is tucked inside the Papa Don't Peach compact? It's so juicy and gorge that you can practically smell the aroma of sweet, fresh, delish peaches wafting through the air just by looking at this Insta image.

Anyone else expecting to hit pan on this one, just from looking at it? You know that's so going to happen. Some commenters wondered if it's a highlighter. But the color looks too concentrated and pigmented to be a highlighter, IMO. Also, there is an entire Sweet Peach Glow "peach infused highlighter" palette that is part of the Spring 2016 range. So why have another standalone? We'll know more in a few months, though!

The animated peach face and the Madonna-themed lyrical pun... I mean, does it get any better than this? As noted, the blush is also going smell like peaches, which is also the case with the Sweet Peach Palette. That's what's brilliant about Too Faced products. They always smell delicious and inspire you to inhale as you use them. Therefore, they are another way to wake you up in the a.m. — while you are applying the products to your eyes, lips, or cheeks. Who needs coffee? That makes Too Faced's peach products the truest dual-purpose makeup.

Here is the evidence that even more Sweet Peach products are coming soon. Expect to see the Papa Don't Peach compact around that time. Yes, spring products come out in late fall and early winter.

This is the further proof that an entire peach-themed line is on its way.

Gone 'til November.

Things are looking peachy, aren't they?

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (5)