You Will Swoon Over UD's Moodust Liquid Swatches

If you thought the Urban Decay Moondust Palette was good, then just wait until you see what's next. As a part of their holiday 2016 collection, Urban Decay is launching Moondust liquid eyeshadows. That means even more brightness, if you can believe it. Once you see swatches of the Moondust Liquid Eyeshadows, you'll be wishing it was winter already.

Have you ever gotten the urge to rub a liquid lipstick all over you eye, because the shine of your powder shadows just wasn't powerful enough for you? Well, now you can. As if the original Moondust shimmers weren't already enough, you'll soon be able to shop then in liquid form as well. There are eight bottles of shiny color that will rival even the most metallic lipstick. That's a ton of pigment, people!

The details aren't super clear yet, but, according to Urban Decay's Instagram post, it looks like these new shadows will be a part of the company's holiday collection. That means that you probably don't have too much longer to wait. Thankfully, while fans wait for details to come out, there are swatches to keep them busy. Let me just warn you though, you're going to want to spend all day looking at these gorgeous colors.

I honestly thought these were liquid lipsticks at first glance. They're so pigmented and shiny, I just can't help but stare. It's hard to believe that the Moondust powders could get even better, until you look at the swatches. Here are the powders for a comparison.

Don't get me wrong, these are still absolutely stunning, but the liquids pack even more of a punch. I'm willing to bet that they will stick to the lid with ease as well.

Just look at them with the camera flash on. You could almost blind yourself looking at these for too long. Put on those sunglasses, because winter is about to become the brightest season.

There these beauties are sitting right at the bottom right of the holiday group photo. They almost get overshadowed by all the palettes, but their up close swatches prove that they're the standout in the collection. Winter can't come soon enough!

Images: urbandecaycosmetics/Instagram (1)