The Rio Olympics Are Over & No One Is OK

After two weeks of amazing wins, crushing defeats, and dancing broccoli, the Rio Olympics have come to a close, and it turns out no one was ready. It's not too surprising considering how amazing the games were this year and how they managed to capture the attention of sports and non-sports fans alike. The Internet is mourning the end of the Olympics for another four years the only way the Internet can — with lots of sad gifs and dramatic tweets.

At least that means you are not alone in your end of the Olympics grief. The rest of the world is sobbing right along with you. While you were probably momentarily distracted from your pain by the Closing Ceremony's parrot people and dancing vegetables, the truth is no doubt sinking in now. No more Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, or Michael Phelps being awesome on your TV screen. No more discovering random sports you didn't know existed. No more suddenly becoming obsessed with water polo. The Rio Olympics are truly over.

The sadness is going to linger, but the Internet is always there for you to share your feels. These tweets from people who are totally despondent over the end of the Rio Olympics are exactly what you need while you wait for the healing process (also known as the Winter Olympics) to begin.

When The Flame Went Out

Not going to lie, your tears may have extinguished it.

This Tweet That Needs No Translation

A crying Britney tweet transcends language barriers.

It Is Way Too Soon For This Joke

Great, now I'm crying and laughing.

When It Got Too Real

Who decided the Olympics had to happen every four years? Can't they just take a month off and do it all over again?

When You Try To Stay Strong About Saying Goodbye

Just try not to think about the athletes not returning for the 2020 games and you might be able to pull it off.

The Tweet You Need If You Are Holding Back Your Tears

There's no need to be stoic. Let those Olympic feelings flow.

Your Denial Face

You don't have to accept the Olympics are over right now, but denial won't help you find any sweet track and field events on TV tomorrow.

When You're Trying To Be Brave Like An Olympian

The athletes are moving on, and so can you. Just focus on Japan.

This Tweet That Is Everyone Now

I thought cheering on the Final Five was the meaning of life. So confused.

And Finally Acceptance

The Olympics have come and gone, but the joy they brought to you will last. Don't worry, 2020 is coming.

It's not going to be easy to get over the Rio Olympics, but all the feelings you are processing right now are a testament to just how great the 2016 Olympics were.