Zayn & Gigi Vacation With His Family

This summer may have started off a little bit rough for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid (remember when they reportedly broke up for like a second?), but their vacation to Tahiti this week proves that #Zigi is still just as strong as ever. I mean, they are straight-up on vacation together AND they are with Malik's family. All of those things sound pretty serious relationship-py to me.

Malik and Hadid vamoosed to Tahiti on Thursday, hitting up the white-sand beaches and doing all of the kinds of fun things you do on a holiday in the sun: go canoeing, enjoy the rays, look positively enviable in their respective bathing suits... (Hadid is a crazy sought-after model and Malik essentially radiates god-like beauty, so it's to be expected, really.)

Of course, even sweeter than their little romantic getaway is the fact that it actually wasn't so much a private vacation as it was a family vacation, since the couple was also joined by the singer's family. And honestly, there's really no better way to prove that you're in it to win it than by actually traveling with your boyfriend's fam (not to mention inviting your girlfriend along for the family rendezvous).

Honestly, the vacation says a lot about their relationship: It shows that they are serious about one another (despite any brief split that may have happened earlier this summer) — at least, serious enough to go away together with Malik's family. And just seeing of the photos of them canoeing together (or whatever that boat-like device is, I don't know boats) is simply adorable. Sure, they have enough money to whisk off to Tahiti whenever they damn well please, but this looks like anyone's hard-earned vacation, and it's blissful to see the two just enjoying each other's company — as well as Malik's family's.

If this is what Zigi is all about, well, I am 100 percent behind them. Long live Tahitian vacations.