Yolanda Hadid Would Be Great On 'RHONY'

I'm sure all Real Housewives fans have thought about what would happen if a Housewife from one series transferred over to another series. And that could very well become a reality come Season 9 of Real Housewives of New York City. There have been rumors that Yolanda Hadid is joining RHONY, and a certain New York Housewife is already on board: Dorinda Medley hopes Yolanda will come to RHONY . While chatting with People, Medley admitted that her Bravo franchise could use some new faces and Hadid might be exactly what the series needs. "I would be so happy," she said about the possibility of Hadid heading to the Big Apple. "I think she would be perfect for it. She is a mother. She's a grownup. She's gone through a lot of different things personally and in her marriages and stuff. I think she'd be the perfect addition."

Apparently, after RHONY Season 8, Medley isn't sure how Season 9 will play out with the same cast. She made it seem like the reunion was pretty dark and didn't end well. "I was actually at my home in the Berkshires and I was thinking, 'How are we all going to come back and recover from all of this?'" she explained. "And I don't know if the way to do that is maybe to see some people drop out. Maybe add some fresh blood." She then added, "I was just walking through that in my mind, because it's going to be tough to all sit in the room with all of these characters. We really bifurcated and took our sides and to bring us all back into the ring may be a little difficult. Some fresh blood could really help us out I think. Mix it up."

Bethenny Frankel said something somewhat similar while chatting with Entertainment Tonight in August. Not only did she touch upon the negativity of the reunion, but also revealed that because of it, she may not return as a Housewife. "Something very dramatic happened at the reunion that questioned my integrity. If someone questions my business or my integrity I take it really seriously." The Skinnygirl creator added, "I live my life honestly. You have 50 percent of the cast that has a whole taboo, police line, 'do not cross' section of their life that is not discussed on camera and never has been." She then said, "For legal issues and liability issues, Bravo doesn't need to bring it up and it’s a difficult line to ride, and that may be why I don't come back."

Well, if Frankel doesn't return, that leaves an open spot. Whether or not Hadid will fill it remains to be seen, but seeing as Medley is praising Hadid, some good could come from it — what makes for a better reference than that? However, it could be a long shot. In June, Hadid announced her exit from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills through Instagram. Part of her statement read,

I would have loved a more graceful exit then "Season 6" but sometimes we don't get to control the endings of the chapters in our life............ I am leaving what's over without denying its past importance in my life. I believe that every exit is an new entry and with that in mind I say goodbye to my @Bravotv Family as I continue to focus on a my recovery, my children and bring back the privacy within our Home.

Her time as a Housewife seems to be over for good, but maybe the change she needs is by heading to a new city with fresh faces. Plus, her daughters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, live in NYC. Maybe that's the incentive she needs to actually move to the East Coast and then become a full-time RHONY cast member. If this does happen, it will make for one interesting season.

By the way, Dorinda also told People that she doesn't know if Bravo is currently trying to sign Yolanda, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

Image: Giphy; the-sword-in-the-stone/Tumblr