Here's Where To Buy Laser Kitten's Beauty Pins

When the beauty and fashion worlds collide, magic happens. Adorable little makeup pins are proof of that. A tiny but trendy add-on was recently featured on Too Faced's Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino's Instagram, and it's the perfect accessory to spice up any makeup lover's wardrobe. Where can you buy Laser Kitten's Sweetheart Compact Pin? There's only one place to get the faux compact.

Whether you're looking to stick them on your makeup bag or make your outfit a little more stylish, pins are the way to go, especially when there's makeup involved. Blandino spotlighted the adorable pin that looks super similar to Too Faced's Love Flush Blush on his Instagram, and the comment section was filled with excitement. Some people even thought that it might be a sneak peek of a product to come. I have to admit, the sparkle and actual mirror in the compact does make me wish there was a glitter palette like this out there.

Unfortunately, Too Faced does not sell pins, but there is still a way to get your hands on the accessory. Laser Kitten, an online shop, sells the Sweetheart Compact Pin. It's actually pretty affordable too. That is, way less expensive than an actual blush. For just $12, this gorgeous little pin can be yours to stick wherever your little heart desires. No word on whether it was actually inspired by the Too Faced heart-shaped blushes, but it's adorable either way.

Adorable, right? This isn't the only beauty pin they have on their site either. The online shop is filled with '80s and '90s inspired designs that will appeal to all types of makeup lovers. Here are some of your options, if you're looking to add these to your fashion collection.

1. Black Lipstick

Spooky Babe Lipstick, $10, Laser Kitten

If you think that you can't pull off black lipstick, then think again.

2. Pink Sparkle Polish

Pink Moon Sparkle Nail Polish, $10, Laser Kitten

Now if only I could actually find a polish this sparkly to wear on my nails.

3. Blush Compact

Sweetheart Compact Pin, $10, Laser Kitten

I can tell why people thought this was a sneak peek, because this looks just like a real compact in mini form.

4. Black Polish

Spooky Babe Nail Polish, $12, Laser Kitten

There's even an edgier polish for the bolder beauty lovers out there.

5. Lip Phone

'80s Lips Phone Pin, $10, Laser Kitten

Nostalgia meets fashion trends.

6. Sparkly Crimper

Crimpin' Aint Easy Pin, $12, Laser Kitten

The name of this pin is so spot on.

7. Glitter Paint

Pink Glitter Paint Pin, $10, Laser Kitten

This is by far the easiest way to rock the '90s glitter trend.

It doesn't get much more adorable than this!

Images: laserkitten/Instagram (1), (7)