Ashley Shouldn't Be A Mean Girl On 'BIP'

by Nicole Pomarico

There are few things worse than seeing the person you're in love with happy with someone else... except for maybe having that happen to you while you're being filmed for a reality show. For that reason, my heart is totally going out to Ashley Iaconetti on Bachelor in Paradise as she's watching Jared live happily ever after with Caila, but on Tuesday night's episode, her attitude was totally out of line — even for someone who's heartbroken. Ashley's mean girl attitude toward Caila on BIP really sucks, and it makes it hard to root for her, even though I really want to.

OK, I get it — Ashley is hurt. In her situation, I would be too. But, taking what's going on at face value — which is all any of us can do, since we're watching the show from home and weren't actually there — Caila just showed up in Paradise and started dating a guy she liked, and that's it. On camera, we've never seen her be anything but polite and friendly towards Ashley. Even though it obviously has to be really painful for Ashley to not only be rejected by Jared but to also see him so happy with somebody else, it's not cool to be mean to Caila just because Jared likes her.

Of course, there's always that chance that there's more going on than we know about as fans, but, so far, it seems like these are two women who don't know each other very well, and Ashley is tearing Caila down. Nobody wins when that happens, and I'd way rather see her take the high road on this one.

Here's hoping that everyone plays nice from now on. I absolutely love Ashley, so I don't want to switch teams here. Hang in there, girl. Your prince is coming. And according to the trailers for this season, he's probably Wells.