Lil Wayne Will Retire Unless A Boatload Of Cash Is Deposited In His Bank Account

Lil Wayne's music used to be everywhere. When I was in college, Tha Carter III was super popular and I would hear songs from it constantly. Since then, there hasn't been as much Lil Wayne in my life, not because I don't like his music, but because it's no longer blaring out of every single car, house, and radio. This could change soon because the rapper is releasing Tha Carter V on May 5, but that's not his only big news. Lil Wayne says this will be his last solo album. Well, unless he gets paid a TON of money.

In an interview with MTV News, Wayne says, "I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes, and it's definitely the final Carter album. It's the final Carter album. It's stopping at five." Wayne was asked what it would take for him to release another solo album and he paused giving himself plenty of time to think before answering, "25 to 35 million would get me to do another solo album after this."

Wayne reportedly owes over $12 million in taxes after failing to pay in 2011 and 2012, but I'm thinking that's not why he would charge so much to make an album. Wayne is said to be worth $135 million.

Since Tha Carter III came out in 2008, Wayne has released mixtapes, contributed to other artists' music, and released four studio albums. These didn't reach the same level of success as Tha Carter III, but still, if I say the line "Real Gs move in silence like lasagna," I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about. With the sheer amount of music Lil Wayne puts out, it's not surprising that he feels tempted to call his new album his last. In the interview he says, "It seems like it will be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else."

Wayne doesn't deny that he'll still appear on other rappers tracks especially if they're on his label, Young Money Entertainment. "Whenever I have to pitch in for a Young Money album, a Like Father, Like Son album and something like that and maybe something out the blue."

Tha Carter V is set to debut May 5. After that we'll have to wait and see if it's really his last.