Join Kristen Bell In 'The Good Place' Challenge

Fall is just around the corner, which means TV lovers everywhere will see the return of some of their old favorites... along with being introduced to a plethora of new shows as well. One of which will find the highly hilarious and extremely talented Kristen Bell starring in NBC's newest sitcom, The Good Place . Playing the role of Eleanor Shellstrop, Bell will take fans on a journey of life after death when her rather self-involved character accidentally ends up in The Good Place by mistake. But before we dive into what's sure to be a heavenly experience, Bell is taking it upon herself to make sure that when that grim reaper comes calling for us, we'll all have a spot in the ultimate "Good Place" by completing her The Good Place 30-Day Do Good Challenge.

Over the next four weeks, Bell is asking all fellow Do-Gooders to upload photos and videos of themselves doing things that help their neighborhood community, animals, or the planet in general while using the hashtag #TheGoodPlace. Basically, this is your call to action to help make the world a better place, whether that means being kind to animals or finding a way to help clean up the environment. The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting your good deeds. And what does the winner get? Eternal salvation, of course! (Don't forget, Bell already has an in with the big guy upstairs.)

For more information about Bell's soul-saving challenge, check out the video below:

The Good Place 30-Day Challenge lasts for — you guessed it — 30 days and will be broken up into four different themes, one per week. (Week 1 will focus on the environment.) So stop everything you're doing and start racking up those charitable deeds before judgement day comes a calling. Like Bell says in her video: your soul is on the line. No pressure though.

Image: NBC (2)