The 'Rings' Trailer Is Scary From Start To Finish

by Caitlyn Callegari

The horror film, The Ring, came out when I was in the sixth grade and it only took me until the time I graduated college for me to recover from the trauma. So, it figures once I put that irrational fear behind me, it would come back and reinvent itself to be, like, a million times more horrifying than before. Case in point, as Entertainment Weekly reports, the trailer for Rings just debuted, and it makes the first movie look like child's play. And no, I am not referring to the upbeat Drake song. Though, that would be an interesting soundtrack twist given the overall feeling of despair the film is going for.

To assure you that I am not over exaggerating about it's effect, I'm not only going to include the trailer for your viewing, but I'm going to highlight the scariest parts. Which, include everything from Samara, yes that creepy little girl with the wet hair and dirty nightgown, causing an actual plane crash to the fact that it also looks like she's possessing someone's body. Why am I going into horrifying details? Well, to prove my point and to keep you up at night because misery loves company and I probably won't be sleeping for weeks. But, I also know that a some of you may secretly harbor the guilty pleasure of scaring the absolute crap out of yourselves, even though you may not readily admit it. It's cool, I'm the same way.

Here are 12 moments from the trailer that will have you terrified for a whole lot longer than seven days, that is, if Samara doesn't get to you first:

1. The Reach

I'm not rocking back and forth in the fetal position, you are.

2. That Iconic & Ominous Phone Call

Know what's even scarier than a dead little girl is giving you a ring? Owning a cord phone in the year 2016.

3. The "Seven Days" Whisper Electrocution

Like, I thought we were past this! Now it's even worse than before? Samara, can you relax for maybe half a damn second?

4. That Really Serious Looking Case Of Ring Worm

I am shuddering.

5. Those Creepy Birds

For real guys, if you know something we don't, don't just up and leave and fly south. TELL. US.

6. The Tour Of Samara's Well

Like, this is not what I anticipated seeing on Tiny House Hunters.

7. The Involuntary Tattoo Omen

Here's a clear warning sign that she's probably going to be possessed. Not cool, at all.

8. The Possession Progression


9. Samara's Mirror Surprise

*Uploads and then immediately deletes GIF off of my computer*

10. This PDA That Absolutely No One Asked For

In the morning, too? That's sacred time! Well, there goes sleeping... ever again.

11. Mom's Crick In The Neck

*Phones chiropractor* *Hopes this is just a normal thing for middle aged people*

12. The Malfunctioning Plane

Being that plane crashes are my absolute worst fear, seeing that fear realized and made worse by a haunting, is a feeling I truly can't put into words.

*Runs around in a circle and screams*

Images: Paramount Pictures/YouTube