Obama on 'Between Two Ferns,' and 11 Other Times POTUS Proved He's Still Cool [VIDEO]

You may be disappointed in some of his policies, but you've got to admit it: President Obama's got charisma. It's his mix of comedic timing, his finger on the pulse of pop culture, and general coolness that make many of Obama's public appearances go viral. The president's most recent hit, of course, was his hilarious guest spot on Zach Galifianakis' web-series, Between Two Ferns . While the interview was a plug for Obama's Affordable Care Act, the most powerful man in America played the cool card and succeeded: The Funny or Die video generated record referrals to Healthcare.gov.

Time and again, the president has shown us that being in the White House doesn't mean you can't have some fun. He's used television and viral video to his advantage like no president before him, and it's hard to imagine anyone will outdo him on the cool front for quite some time.

Check out some of the moments that made us remember why we fell in love with Obama in the first place:

Slow Jamming the News With Jimmy Fallon

What's a surefire way to get young people to pay attention to student loans? Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, of course. Appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the president talked about the looming interest rate increase of Stafford loans. With the help of the host and Roots' vocalist Black Thought, Obama breaks down some complex issues to a background of sexy, slow jam music.


Dropping it like it's hot On Ellen

This one's an oldie but a goodie. While he was still a senator running for the presidency, Obama gave us a little sneak peak of what we could expect from him — in terms of dance moves, that is. The presidential candidate boogied down with Ellen to Beyonce's "Crazy in Love," saying he has "better moves than (Rudy) Giuliani."

BarackObamadotcom on YouTube

Meeting The Kid President at the White House

Robby Novak, aka Kid President, won the hearts of millions after becoming a YouTube sensation in an effort to "make the world less boring."

SoulPancake on YouTube

The self-proclaimed "voice of a generation" met with the real president who asked him for advice, shared his love for Abraham Lincoln, and even let him sit behind the desk at the Oval Office. COOL.

SoulPancake on YouTube

Brushing Dirt Off His Shoulder

Obama's down with Jay Z and Kanye, and isn't afraid to show it. In an interview during his initial presidential campaign, he talked about listening to the hip-hop artists and being a fan, and during a speech, the candidate referenced HOVA's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by brushing off comments made by his opponents. Aaaaaand, here come the Illuminati rumors.

trainwreckpolitics on YouTube

Getting Cozy With A Pizza Owner

Not just anyone gets close to the president, who's surrounded by Secret Service and bodyguards 24/7. But even Obama was caught off guard when pizza shop owner Scott Van Duzer (a registered Republican) gave him a great, big bear hug and lifted him off the ground. We're sure security wasn't too pleased with Van Duzer's unexpected enthusiasm, but the president was a good sport.

ODN on YouTube

Puckering Up To Michelle On the Kiss Cam

POTUS AND FLOTUS share one of the most followed romances in American history — and rightly so, since they're so damn cute. The lovebirds were caught by the kiss cam at a basketball game in Washington D.C., and after some urging by daughter Malia, the Commander in Chief wasn't afraid to show a little PDA with his wife. Hot.


Poking Fun At Donald Trump

Obama's no stranger to late night television, but in this appearance on Jay Leno, he proved especially quick. Taking criticisms of his birth certificate's authenticity in stride, the president poked fun at Donald Trump on The Tonight Show by saying their grudge dated back to when they were growing up together in Kenya.

John Amussen on YouTube

White House Correspondent's Dinner, 2011

Not only does he know how to take a joke, but Obama's got some pretty good burns. During the White House Correspondent's Dinner in 2011, Obama basically roasted Trump, calling him out over the conspiracy and making him the butt of endless punchlines. We love these dinners every year, but this is by far our favorite.

SuchIsLifeVideos on YouTube

Calling A Beer Summit

While the president didn't dub it a "beer summit" himself, he attempted to smooth over race relations by inviting a professor and policeman at the center of a national firestorm to have some brews at the White House. Nothing says sorry like a couple of dudes sharing a beer, right?

PoliticsNewsPolitics on YouTube

Taking on a Former NBA Player in Basketball

He's known for playing weekly pickup games, but the president had his work cut out for him when he decided to take on former NBA player Clark Kellogg. The two played a game of HORSE — or in this case POTUS — and the world leader won. Was it just some good practice, or did Kellogg let Obama win? After all, there must be some consequences to beating the President of the United States in ball. Still, pretty f*&*ing cool.

CBS News on YouTube

Singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"

Obama loves the classics. He's admitted to being a fan of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, and of course, Al Green. During a fundraiser in 2012, the president showed his appreciation for the musician and also showcased his own pipes, singing a line from the song "Let's Stay Together" and causing housewives all over America to swoon. Just try to watch this one without smiling. We dare you.

Associated Press on YouTube

Obama on Between Two Ferns

We'd be remiss if we didn't include this most recent comedic gem. Top this one Obama, and you just might win every millennial back before you're through.

Image: Soul Pancake/Youtube