Noel & Charlotte May Be Related On 'PLL'

Noel Kahn's return to Rosewood was never going to spell out good news for the Liars, but they had no idea just how prominent of a role their former high school classmate had during A's reign of torture... until recently, that is. Tuesday night's episode "The Wrath of Kahn" not only proved that Noel was Charlotte's accomplice in the dollhouse (having poured fake or possibly real blood on an unconscious Spencer), but his father, Steve Kahn, was also the judge residing over the court case of Mary Drake's other child. Coincidence? That seems highly doubtful. But what does it all mean? Could Noel be Mary Drake's other child on Pretty Little Liars and the mysterious A.D. that's been bullying the Liars all season? That would mean that Noel is Charlotte's brother, which would certainly help explain some of his actions.

For starters, let's talk about his creepy involvement in the dollhouse antics. I honestly didn't think Noel could get any creepier and yet here we are. Pouring blood on and around Spencer to make her think she actually hurt someone is messed up on so many different levels. What could possibly be his motive for participating in something so sick and twisted? I mean, this goes far beyond something you would ask of a friend... but a brother, on the other hand? Well, that may be a whole different story.

Granted, it's worth mentioning that we don't really know the whole story here. Some could even argue that Noel was being blackmailed by Charlotte and that's the only reason he was doing her bidding. And while I definitely wouldn't rule that possibility out (A's been known to use blackmail many times in the past), that still doesn't explain the Steve Kahn aspect of it all. No detail on Pretty Little Liars is ever revealed without a specific purpose, so if the writers made a point of making Noel's dad the residing judge over Mary's baby case, you better believe it was for a reason.

Like Aria suggested, this could mean that Steve decided to adopt the baby himself, making all roads point back to Noel being the baby. He'd be about the same age as the baby in question and I'm sure his trouble-making ways could've been viewed as "tenacious" in his infancy, so it's absolutely possible. But maybe that's a little bit too on the nose? When has PLL ever made things simple for us, after all? Misdirection is its bread and butter.

This could just be yet another red herring to throw us off the scent. But if it's not, and Noel and Charlotte really are siblings, this could prove to be a game-changing twist and finally allow us to close the case on Rosewood's most complex family tree, leaving us plenty of time to focus on what really matters. Like getting Hanna and Caleb back together again. Just saying!

Images: Byron Cohen/Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr (2)