6 Random Items That Cost More Than Rent

People who are serious about their fashion are often prepared to spend a lot to get what they want. But there are some items that should never be splurged on. Take this pair of socks from Harry's of London, advertised as "The Most Exclusive Sock in the World." And with a $1,500 dollar price tag, they'd better be.'s Meena Duerson gave the socks a test run and posted a video to the site Thursday morning. Although she was unable to "manhandle" the socks—in other words, put them on — Duerson and her colleagues determined that in no universe were the socks worth $1,500 despite how soft they are. To that, I say, "Obviously," because no socks are worth what a studio apartment in Brooklyn rents for.

Only 100 pairs of the socks were produced (exclusive, indeed!), with just 10 still available at the time of the TODAY taping. Made of "100% fine Cervelt," the socks are men's only, but a women were to dish out $1,500 for a pair, I doubt Harry's of London would complain. Cervelt, or "The Diamond of Clothing Fibers," according to the product description, is a material made from the fur of the New Zealand Red Deer. What this basically means is that the socks are soft. Out-of-this-world soft, but still... just soft.

Incredulous? You're in good company. Check out the reactions of Duerson's co-workers in the TODAY video below, then read on for other average items that cost waaay more than they should.

Diamond Eyelashes, $1,350

When rhinestones just aren't good enough, you can always pick up a pair of diamond false eyelashes from Kre-at Beauty for $1,350. They are available exclusively at Barney's New York, if you also feel like combing the racks for some "bargain" Margiela while you're at it.

Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, $500

Skin caviar is an apt name for this anti-aging serum from La Prairie, given the insane price tag. Please don't pay $500 to "reverse the signs of aging." Age with a thick wallet instead!

Crocodile Umbrella, $50,000

Pardon, I thought an umbrella was to protect you from bad weather. No matter how waterproof crocodile skin might be, there is no way in hell that I would take a $50,000 accessory out in the rain. But I don't have to worry about that, because this Billionaire Couture item is only available at the London flagship store and is exclusively for men. Women should carry $12 plastic umbrellas from Target instead.

Platinum Nail Polish, $55,000

This is a bottle of nail polish that is essentially just liquified platinum. You have Essie Cosmetics to thank for this necessary invention.

Gold Lace Children's Dress, $1,825

Dolce & Gabbana may not have felt the need to commit tax freud (allegedly) if they had not waisted money producing gold lace dresses that only Suri Cruise could afford to wear.

Diamond Studded Lipstick, $62,000

We have Guerlain and the Louis Vuitton group to thank for this absurd lipstick. The lipstick is the same as the $48-per-tube stuff the brand normally sells, encased in a diamond-encrusted 18-karat gold tube that is apparently worth the other $61,952. In addition to the 199 diamonds — every last one essential — rubies and emeralds have been incorporated into the design.

Despite what Harry's of London might have you believe, some items are not worth the high price tag. Save your hard-earned cash and spend it on the useful things in life. Like a house. Or your children. If money is burning a hole in your pocket, consider moving to one of the priciest cities in the world instead.