'Downton' Season 4 Spoilers Are Surprisingly Sexy

by Lindsay Mannering

If you can't wait until January, 2014 to find out what happens with your favorite early 20th century Brits, look no further: Downton Abbey season 4 spoilers are here, and they're juicy. Here's a hint: they involve Tom Branson's love life.

When we left the chauffeur turned social climber, he was mourning the loss of his wife Lady Sybil, who died giving birth to their child. It was super sad. We all shed a tear.

But it sounds like things start to look up for our Branson next season. According to sources, a British actress named Daisy Lewis has signed on to play the role of Branson's baby's nanny, and not coincidentally, she looks a lot like the late Lady Sybil. But wait, there's more. The 28-year-old actress will reportedly have a major role on the show, because, guys -- she and Branson start getting it on.

Does this sound good, or does this sound good?

The source told the Daily Mirror:

"Her romance with Tom will be one of the main story lines of the series. He will begin to develop feelings for her and they start a secret affair."

Um, perfect.

This is exactly what Downton needs more of, and we're happy to hear that there will be some clandestine rendezvouses in the castle's hidden chambers, both figuratively and literally speaking, of course.

And lest you be worried that Lewis not have the acting chops to lure you into her character's secret love-making world, she's shared the screen with Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville in the past -- the three were in From Time to Time, a movie that came out in 2009 -- so clearly, the girl can hang. Plus, she was in the television series Doctor Who. Need we say more?

And hey, this is just a PSA regarding Daisies. In case this whole time you were thinking that Branson was going to start an affair with Daisy Mason, the assistant cook on the show, please. As if. Get your head out of the gutter. It's Daisy Lewis' character who's going to be getting a slice of the Branson pie, and her name has yet to be revealed.

Downton Abbey season four is expected to premiere January 5, 2014.