Hilary Banks' 15 Best Style Moments

by Summer Arlexis

Of all the shows to hit '90s television, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air arguably best showcased the decade's loud and proud style. Will may have had it going on with his baggy overalls and wildly-patterned tees, but cousin Hilary Banks' outfits always gave his aesthetic a run for its money. Thanks to daddy's hand-outs and her oh-so-fabulous tastes, Hilary had my eyes permanently glued to the TV screen.

When Hilary was first introduced with that classic, "Dad I need $300," line (she wanted to buy a new hat), we should have known then that the following 147 episodes would leave us drooling over her impeccable aesthetic. Hil's wardrobe must have been 60 percent bowler hats, though, because this fashionista had one topper to match nearly every ensemble she rocked. Oversized blazers and body-hugging mini dresses were also staples, and she made then all look so darn good.

There was always something about her curls of pure perfection and that coquettish laugh that elevated the chic ensembles. She stole the spotlight from the über fashionable Will and teen Ashley on so many levels. These 15 outfits prove that Hilary Banks arguably had the best '90s style any of us ever saw.

1. When She Wore A Technicolor Blouse

I personally don't think I could pull off something this colorful, but it worked like a charm for Hilary. The contrasting mustard, cyan, and magenta meshed so well. Her chunky gold necklace and mustard hat were just the right pieces to give her outfit that extra oomph, too.

2. When She Perfectly Accessorized A Purple Halter

Time and time again, Hilary proved that she was a pro at accessorizing. Even when she didn't throw on a hat, she chose the perfect jewelry to make her ensembles pop. I'm swooning over this royal purple halter and the swooping chains around her neck.

3. When She Looked Like Cher Horowitz's Twin

This outfit is so reminiscent of Cher Horowitz's argyle skirt and lacy tuxedo blouse combo. Hilary was on another level, though. Every single layer is giving me life. If Cher's wardrobe was ultimate fashion goals, then this is proof that Hil's aesthetic was truly on point.

4. When Her LRD Had Cut-outs

I'm seriously speechless over this one. Hilary makes me want to trade every LBD I own for a red hot number.

5. When Her Hat & Oversized Vest Had Matching Floral Embellishments

Coordination was key when it came to Hilary Banks' fashion rules. But those flowers were just too '90s to handle.

6. When She Wore A Sheer White Blouse

Not all of Hilary's best style moments were over the top. Rocking the sleek mane of later seasons, she layered a sheer blouse over a white tank. And is that a brown lip I spy?

7. When She Belted A Tank & Maxi Skirt

This was such a casual ensemble for Hilary and I loved every bit of it. Polka dots were so adorable on her without being too childish. The tied headband in her hair was also a nice touch.

8. When She Went All Bohemian Chic On Us

Even when Hilary traded in her well-tailored suits for an off-the-shoulder, crocheted sweater and eclectic jewelry, she still looked like the epitome of fabulousness. In keeping with her signature style, she added a hat with an organic arrangement of flowers to up the ante.

9. When Her Hat Coordinated With Her Tartan

Don't tell me Hilary couldn't pass as Cher and Dionne's long lost BFF in this tartan suit. I mean, her gloves were even tartan. And those layers of pearls? Come on. This is the what '90s goals looked like, people.

10. When She Broke Out Her LBD For Date Night

You better believe that if Hilary wore an LBD, it wasn't going to be your average number. Her LBD was incredibly unique with its single off-the-shoulder sheer sleeve.

11. When Mustard Was Her Color

Back at it again with the mustard, Hilary wore this cropped blazer with a matching checkered skirt and hat. My favorite pieces here are the chunky necklace and black flower pin.

12. When She Wore A Striped Blazer

Even though Hilary had more suits than FLOTUS, this one felt the most professional to me. She kept things simple with a striped blazer and white skirt. Although she may have been without a matching hat, I didn't even miss it in this case. Her look was so polished that she didn't need all of the extra funky accessories.

13. When Her LBD Included Sequins & Mesh

When Hilary wore sequins and mesh, there was nothing tacky or cheap about the look. These embellishments spiced up her outfit in all of the right ways.

14. When She Layered A Blazer Over A Maxi Skirt

Yes, yes, and more yes to Hilary's oversized blazer and velvet maxi skirt combo. She was also wearing a choker, for crying out loud. Enough said.

15. When Her Maxi Dress Had Shoulder Cutouts

Many of Hilary's looks were actually on the more conservative side, given all of the suits she wore. But when she spiced up her ensemble, she knew just what to wear to kill the competition. A plunging neckline and cut-outs never looked better.

Clearly, Hilary must be included in the ranks of Sabrina Spellman, Rachel Green, and Blossom Russo. She definitely gets my vote for The Fresh Prince's best-dressed. When you change the game, one bowler hat at a time, you're more than worthy of such a title.

Images: NBC (15)