Everyone Loves Eleven On 'Stranger Things'

I'm going to make a grand statement but hopefully I'm in good company. Eleven is, hands down, the best character on Stranger Things . She is tough. She is tender. She is a tomboy with a heart of gold. She is fearless. She is a great friend. In summation, she's basically a queen and deserves all of our love. Luckily, the fandom for Eleven has spread quickly since Stranger Things was released on Netflix earlier this summer. After a majority of us binge-watched to the full contentment of our hearts, we made fan art, we used the Stranger Things generator to create our own logos and, best of all we created memes. Nobody loves a good meme more than me, so I've taken it upon myself to make the definitive list of the best Eleven memes that unfettered access to the Internet can get me.

Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of love for Eleven floating around out there in meme-land. How can you choose just one to retweet or quote? Worse still, what happens when you find yourself identifying with all of the Eleven memes because she is the best (thereby most relatable) character on the planet? Prepare thyself, Stranger Things fans. These Eleven memes are going to speak to you on a very real level.

1. Waffles Are Not To Be Taken Lightly

Cardinal Rule #1: Let nothing come between you and your toaster waffles. Ever.

2. Is Season 2 Ready Yet?

We have just a couple questions for The Duffer Brothers: Is there going to be a Season 2? When will Season 2 be back? Are you finished filming Season 2? Is Season 2 focused solely on Eleven? You get the picture.

3. When You'd Rather Binge Watch Stranger Things

She understands the Millenial inclination to be a hermit on a Friday night. Too real.

4. Let Eleven Live, People

I don't condone violence and neither does this meme. That said, those bullies were nasty pieces of work so yeah, we might have all cheers a little bit when Eleven went full-Upside Down on them.

5. Be An Eleven

Life is short, guys. Don't forget to channel your inner Eleven and shine bright.

6. Best Pokémon Evolution Ever

Worlds are colliding in this meme but who's complaining? This might be those most badass, feminist Pokémon evolution of all time. Can it become a reality though?

7. Turn It Up To Eleven

The casual Spinal Tap reference that actually makes sense and can be used when you want to tell people to turn up.

8. Are You An Eleven?

When you realize that out of all the fictional character you can relate to in this world, the only one worth emulating is Eleven.

9. We're Still 'Shipping Mike & Eleven

I demand that Hawkins Middle School has another Snow Ball solely for Mike and Eleven so we can take a knee for cuteness.

10. With One Look, Eleven Can See Into Your Soul

It's too real, guys. Eleven can see into our souls with that innocent look.

11. Eleven Better Come Back In Season 2

Real talk, my dudes. Hopper can't put those Eggos out in vain.

12. Eleven Has Advice For Navigating The Group Chat

Why didn't we think of this sooner?

13. When You Want To Eat Like Eleven

Eleven went right to that burger for sustenance. We should all take a page out of her book and put the kale down right now.

Image: Netflix