Lucy Hale's "Aria" Jacket Is Too Cute

by Augusta Statz

Not only is this actress super fashionable IRL, she also plays the immensely stylish Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. You need to find out where to buy Lucy Hale’s “Aria” jacket to help you go back to school in style.

Hale posted a photo to Instagram, and it’s going to be all of the inspiration you need to recreate this look in a unique way. In the photo, she’s wearing a bomber jacket that's decked out in patches. The letters on the back of the jacket spell “Aria,” but there are also flowers, hearts and butterflies adorning this adorable piece. Patches are super on-trend at the moment (obviously, if Aria’s wearing them), so there’s really no reason not to own this style.

Whether you buy a jacket that comes covered in patches already or DIY the look for yourself, you’re going to be too cool for school in a piece like this. Plus, you'll be channeling your fav character in the process! Feel free to shop these pre-patched pieces as well as the customizable options because it doesn’t take much to make this look come to life. All you need is some outerwear and a little creativity to pull it off.

This is all sorts of goals!

Emery Pointe Perfect Bomber Jacket, $24.99, Amazon

A basic bomber is all you will need to get this DIY started!

Local Heroes Girl Power Patch Pack, $14, Nasty Gal

A dope set of patches is all you need to complete the look.

But, if you don't feel like getting crafty, you can also buy these items. That way, the only work this involves for you is typing in your address.

1. Denim Jacket

Patches Make Perfect Jacket, $44.99, ModCloth

You'll rule the hallways in this denim number.

2. Motorcycle Jacket

Butterfly Effect Wool Moto Jacket, $118, Nasty Gal

This is cute and edgy all at the same time, which means it should suit your personality perfectly, am I right?

3. Bomber Jacket

Plus Aviator Patched Bomber Jacket, $32.99, Rue 21

A patch-filled bomber jacket is, well, bomb.

4. Embroidered Jacket

Boohoo Plus Embroidered Bomber Jacket, $44, ASOS

OK, so this isn't patchwork, but it's still got plenty of graphic detail. Plus, it's super sophisticated, if you ask me.

5. Longline Patch Jacket

Route 66 Patch Bomber Jacket, $32.90, Forever 21

The patches give this longline coat even more of a cool factor.

6. Vest

Rolling Stones Denim Vest, $23.99, Forever 21

Go with a sleeveless option to amp up the edginess.

Images: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands (8)