'RHONY's Carole & Adam Are Too Cute

Though their romance started off on a somewhat contentious note (*waves* hiiiiiii, Luann de Lesseps!), The Real Housewives of New York City’s Carole Radziwill and Adam Kentworthy’s relationship remains one of the more mellow relationships in the entire franchise. (I don't know if it's the most mellow, but it has to be in the top five, right?) And I love their love so dearly. They just seem so… nice? And happy? And fun? And cool? Let the record show: If Radziworthy ever gets around to finishing that cookbook, I will be the first in line at Barnes and Noble. Whether or not I actually use the recipes in the book (just kidding I'd totally use the recipes), I will take comfort in knowing that I have a token of their relationship. Speaking of tokens of relationships (woo segue!), want to look at some cute photos of RHONY stars Carole and Adam? Ya do? Groovy.

Here are some nice pics of Radziworthy (I gotta say, I'm really feeling that couple name) doing adorable Radziworthy things. There's the occasional canine cameo, the occasional celebrity cameo, and the occasional mode of transportation cameo and the— ack, enough of the spoilers! Let's get to the pictures.

Oh, What Have We Here?

Special guest star Baby the dog!

Oh, What Have We Here (Part 2)?

Everyone is on a bike!

Just Snappin' Cute Photes In A Photo Booth

Would ya look at that!

Getting Coffee With Baby The Dog


A Behind-The-Scenes Phote

Adam is no-nonsense.

Sharing A Surfboard Like A Couple o' Cuties


The Only Way This Photo Could Be Better...

...Is if it was a video of Carole and Adam singing karaoke together.

You Want To See Their Selfie With Bob Saget?

You got it dude.

...Seriously though, will Radziwill and Kenthworthy ever put their cookbook plans on un-hold? Because I am ready and raring to cook like Radziworthy (and yep, I'm still into that couple name).