Who Is Carole’s Boyfriend On 'RHONY'?

If there’s one thing I love more than a new season of Real Housewives of New York, it’s a new romance on The Real Housewives of New York. And while Carolee Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy might not exactly be a new relationship, the fact that their love survived the summer hiatus and is still going strong makes me want to know a little bit more about this man who has won over Carole’s heart. Seriously, who is Adam Kenworthy? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself ever since the new season started and Kenworthy’s Instagram photos and videos were featured prominently.

It turns out that Carole Radziwill’s boyfriend is more than just a dreamy, steamy chef. There is a pretty good story behind this man that involves all of the inspiration behind the work that he currently does. He also does a lot more than just whip up fancy food at luncheons in the Hamptons (which is how he and Carole conveniently met). It turns out Kenworthy is a humanitarian at heart, and he also has a number of other professional credits to his name that make him totally worthy of Carole’s love.

So here are nine things you need to know about Adam Kenworthy, Carole Radziwill’s boyfriend, who has clearly left an imprint on this city girl’s heart.

1. He’s A Daredevil

If you thought biking in the middle of New York City was daring enough, you’ll be shocked by some of Kenworthy’s Instagram videos. Like this one where he casually backflips off of a ginormous cliff. NBD.

2. He’s A Health Nut

A frequent juicer and detoxifier, most of Kenworthy’s recipes are vegetarian or vegan for maximum nutrition potential.

3. He’s (Sometimes) Vegan

Most of what he cooks is straight-up vegan, but he has been known to dabble into pescetarianism from time to time.

4. He’s A Triathlete

In fact, his endurance training is what led him to start experimenting in the kitchen. It was a thing of necessity at first: His goal was to create the most nutrient-dense foods he could, and clearly that paid off big time.

5. He Attended Colorado State University

With a degree in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism, he’d make a really, really good travel companion.

6. He Biked Across The Country

From Washington state straight through to Maine. Now, that's impressive.

7. He Has A Farm In Nicaragua

And it’s for the people of Nicaragua. Seriously, how nice is this guy?

8. He’s A Model

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Kenworthy is currently signed with Beatrice Models, according to his LinkedIn profile.

9. He Used To Be A Teacher

Is there a more perfect boyfriend combination than a guy who cooks, like kids, and also in his spare time models? No. The answer is a definitive no.

No wonder why Radziwill is keeping this guy around. I would too.