Luke Cage Is So Tired Of Buying New Clothes

Hey everyone, listen up: Luke Cage is sick of having to buy new clothes. And, in a new teaser for Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage he wants to remind you of that fact. He also wants to remind you that he's impenetrable and bulletproof — hence the need for new clothes — and above all else, really, really, (ridiculously) cool. In the teaser, the Marvel superhero rolls up to a boxing gym looking all strong and powerful before he proceeds to take down some bad guys with his bare hands. He punches them, forces their bodies to go upside down as he hurls them on their backs, stops them with one swift punch, and then manages to push them into a wall of lockers.

All in under 20 seconds.

Then, come the guns. Terrifying at first, until you realize that Luke Cage will be fine. The man happens to be not only inhumanly strong, but inhumanly bulletproof and impervious to physical pain. He also happens to be witty. As a group of gun toting baddies point their weapons at Cage, he calmly says "I guess you guys haven't heard about me." They begin to shoot as he stands there, stoic and oh so cool. Wait, where'd he get those sunglasses? And that cigarette? Oh no... I'm imaging things. Anyway, after the bullets come and the baddies completely destroy the boxing gym where this is all happening, Cage remains unharmed and casually declares: "I'm about sick of always having to buy new clothes." And then walks away. Presumably into them? It's not clear, but either way, those guys are doomed. Watch it below.

This little teaser serves as the follow up to the Luke Cage full-length trailer that premiered earlier this month, as well as the previous teaser that showed — what else? — Cage beating up bad guys. With objects. Like car doors. Because, hey everyone, Luke Cage is sick of having to buy new clothes! He can tear through doors and hallways and people, and his skin acts like steel that can withstand practically anything (bullets and blades included), but unfortunately, he can't find a shirt that's as inviolable. Can someone please create a more durable shirt for Luke Cage?

If a teaser or trailer's job is to remind you of all the incredible superpowers a superhero brings to the table, then I'd say whoever is responsible for putting these out deserves a raise. Watch Luke Cage — the indestructible destructor of all things — in the 13 episode series when it premieres on Netflix Sept. 30.

Images: Netflix