These 5 'PLL' Characters Are In Serious Danger

It's been real, Season 7A, but now it's time for the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. And, it's bound to be one heck of a ride — the brief synopsis provided by Freeform promises a "chaotic fight" that ends with a fatality. We also know that one Liar will make a major discovery about her past, and another about her future — and both will be life-altering. Of course I'm curious about what these discoveries may be, but my main question is who's going to die in the Pretty Little Liars Season 7A finale? Although character deaths are a dime a dozen in Rosewood, this is the first time that the Liars will "face off with their enemies" in person. In the past, the torture has mainly been psychological — but as evidenced by Hanna's kidnapping, Uber A incorporates violence into his or her game.

Theories about who will die run the gamut — it's hard to imagine that one of our beloved Liars will be killed off, but we really can't rule anything out. At this point, seemingly everyone has a motive to kill and we still don't know if the Liars' multiple enemies are working together or separately. Plus, the trailer below indicates that Jenna is holding the gun — so it's possible that she'll pull the trigger on the wrong person.

Anything is possible on Pretty Little Liars, but I think these five characters are at risk — and, if I could get to Rosewood in time, I'd totally warn them to watch their backs.

1. Toby

There have been a number of indications this season that Toby's time on Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end. He peaced out to Maine with Yvonne (and presumably gave up his position with the Rosewood PD in order to do so), but not before telling Spencer that he'd initially begun building the house in Rosewood for her. (Spencer has been exceptionally unlucky in love this season.)

But, his words didn't seem to indicate that a Spoby reunion was on the way — he went on to emphasize his love for Yvonne and, although it came off as totally insensitive, I think that he was really trying to express to Spencer how much their relationship had meant to him. Their kiss in the Season 7A finale promo looks more like a goodbye kiss than a happy reunion. And, with Jenna holding the gun, things look bleak for Toby due to their complicated past.

2. Hanna

I've never been so desperate to see one of my theories disproven — but I'm seriously worried for Hanna. The Season 7A finale promises a "showdown" that involves the Liars, Noel, Jenna, and Toby. Hanna has exhibited signs of PTSD ever since her horrific kidnapping and she hasn't received help from a therapist or her friends, mainly because she doesn't want to talk about all the awful things she endured.

Hanna hates to be seen as a victim, which explains why she was ready to take matters into her own hands and kill Noel herself in the Aug. 23 episode "The Wrath of Kahn." Hanna is also known to be fiercely protective of her friends, so I can totally picture her putting herself in the crossfire in an effort to protect the Liars — even if it means sacrificing her own life. But, please, Hanna — don't leave us!

3. Noel Kahn

Like every other Pretty Little Liars fan, I can't stand Noel — but I still want to keep him around because, regardless of whether or not he's Uber A, he definitely has some answers to our pressing questions. The connection between he and Jenna still remains unclear, but it's a definite possibility that she's pulling the strings and he's carrying out her wishes. After all, we know that he has secrets he's desperate to protect and that could be part of the reason he's playing the A game — it wouldn't be the first time he's been blackmailed. So, if he doesn't follow Jenna's commands, I wouldn't put it past her to shoot him on the spot.

4. Mary Drake

It seems unlikely that Mary will be killed off in the finale — and it would be a shame because we still have so much to learn about her. The only reason I'm worried for Mary's safety is because she's not featured in the promo — which could be the showrunners' way of leading us to believe she's not present for the showdown at all. Still, she's been absent from a few episodes, so I'm trying not to worry too much.

5. Yvonne

Out of all the potential character deaths, Yvonne would be a major cop-out because she's never been an especially important or interesting character. Even her recent attack seemed like nothing more than a plot device for Toby to leave Rosewood, and it didn't appear to be related to anything her character had done. Since Toby returns to Rosewood for this episode, it's totally possible that Yvonne will accompany him for a brief visit to her family.

I can't think of any good reason to kill off Yvonne unless they're paving the way for a Spoby reunion — but surely showrunners could find a way to reunite Spencer and Toby without offing poor Yvonne. This character death has been seriously hyped up, so it would be anticlimactic for Yvonne to be the victim — but, anything is possible on Pretty Little Liars.

Right now, the only thing we know for sure is that the character death in the Season 7A finale will play a major role when the show returns for Season 7B.

Image: Ron Tom/Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr (4); Giphy