Ariana & Nicki Minaj's Music Video Is On The Way

Besides the Grammys, the MTV Video Music Awards is easily one of the biggest nights in music. Filled with celebs galore, there's always so much excitement that happens during the show. While MTV may have hinted at a Beyoncé performance (fingers crossed), there are two important ladies already on the schedule. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are performing at the VMAs — and wait, this news just got even better. Grande and Minaj's "Side To Side" video is premiering right after the show. On Sunday afternoon, Ari announced the news on Twitter, along with a brief sneak peek of the video. Update: The video is officially live, and it was definitely worth the wait. You can watch over on Pitchfork.

Earlier: All weekend, Grande has been dropping hints about what fans can expect by sharing clips of her and Minaj from the video itself. It's definitely perfect timing that they're choosing to release it right after the show. That means fans will get a double dose of the singers, all in the span of a few hours. It's like the ultimate gift. Instead of being disappointed when the VMAs ends, this adds something more to look forward to. Not only will you get to see "Side To Side" on stage, but then the music video offers another way to visualize the song right after. And who knows, maybe a year from now they'll be up on that same stage, accepting an award for this very video.

Aside from the snippets she's shared, Grande also keeps using a bicycle emoji when posting about "Side To Side." I can only hope this means they'll do some cycling in the video, which would be a fun change of pace. (Or it may just be a reference to some of Minaj's NSFW lyrics in the song.) Meanwhile, other preview clips show these two hanging out in a bright blue room. Besides that, I have no idea what to expect, but that's the whole point of these little previews — to build the suspense. In which case, they've totally succeeded.

Overall, Grande and Minaj are such a dream team. This isn't the first time they've collaborated. Remember "Bang Bang" with Jessie J? And I bet "Side To Side" won't be their last track together. Or at least I sure hope not.