Drake's Running Late To The 2016 VMAs

Every year, the MTV Video Music Awards are a must-see event for music fans, and a must-attend event for the artists themselves. Unfortunately, it seems that a certain artist — one actually nominated for multiple VMAs — is missing out on some of the night's biggest moments for a seriously relatable problem. According to Diddy, Drake is stuck in traffic during the 2016 VMAs, which is why the rapper wasn't able to accept his first Moonman of the night. Seriously, traffic? It's such a simple reason to be late to an event that it almost seems unbelievable.

However, we have no reason to doubt what Diddy said when he announced that Drake had won the VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video for "Hotling Bling." After all, we know that Drake is excited about Sunday night's awards show — he even got Rihanna a billboard to congratulate her for receiving the MTV Video Vanguard Award. Drake was also listed as a presenter on materials distributed to press at the VMAs, so MTV seems to be planning on him attending the show. If that's not enough evidence for you, one look at a current traffic map of New York City — especially the area around Madison Square Garden — should be enough to convince you that Drake is simply at the whims of his driver right now.

Let's just hope that Drake makes it to the VMAs before Rihanna returns to the stage for a second time. I doubt he'd want to miss all of her big performances, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was even planning to join her on stage for one of their hit collaborations.

Things have been moving pretty quickly at the VMAs so far, so if Drizzy wants to catch the next big moment, he may need to get out of the car and start running.