John Cho & Karen Gillan To Star In 'Selfie' Pilot & Construct The Best Sci-Fi Alum Couple Ever

Doctor Who and Star Trek are the two most legendary, longest-running sci-fi shows of all time. They've produced countless memorable actors and household names, and influenced a hell of a lot of what we watch on TV and in the movies. They are also where the two leads in the ABC comedy pilot Selfie came from, and that is a glorious thing. John Cho and Karen Gillan, we already loved you, but it's time to love you on a whole new level.

We've talked previously about former Amy Pond Karen Gillan's casting in the series: She will be playing Eliza Dooley, a modern Eliza Doolittle type (get it? It's in the name) obsessed with being well-liked on social media, and who hires a PR firm to help re-do her image after her breakup with her boyfriend goes viral and lands her with a whole bunch of new followers.

Cho, who's been around the biz for a while and is probably most recently known from his roles on Sleepy Hollow and as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness — and that one really good Charmed episode where he played a romantic ghost, but I might be the only person to have rewatched that recently — will be playing what essentially amounts to Gillan's Henry Higgins. His character, unsubtly named Henry, will be the one heading the charge for her "re-marketing" campaign.

Because this is a sitcom, and because these two are both very attractive and charismatic humans, you can probably assume this will result in some variety of love story. Given that aforementioned attractiveness and the fact that they are both delightful parts of sci-fi franchises I love, this excites me greatly. May the social media forces be with this pair.