Dress Like Rihanna's Backup Dancers At The VMAs

While Rihanna was completely killing it with her third on-stage performance of the night, people were a little focused on something else. The singer's outfit of choice might have been a little too edgy for everyday wear, but Rihanna's VMA backup dancers wore the coolest sweatshirts. Where can you buy the black sweatshirt with the singer's name scrawled on it? Well, the exact one isn't up for grabs it seems, but there are plenty of other Fenty-level options.

Rihanna has a knack for wearing things that I don't think anyone else in the world could pull off. Just during the VMAs alone, she has rocked a furry bra, knee-high boots with flaps, and some for of plastic chap-like pants. Basically, all her looks were NSFW and incredible. Her backup dancers' style was a little more wearable though.

The girls who danced with Riri on stage wore black sweatshirts with the singer's written on the in bright green. While I suggest wearing pants with it and maybe switching out of thigh-high boots, it was the most wearable item on stage for sure. The bright green completely popped against the black background. Not to mention how well they would fit in with fall trends. Bottom line: you need one of these sweatshirts in your life.

Unfortunately, you can't get the exact sweatshirt. Well, not yet. You can get some pretty awesome Rihanna swag from her very own merch store and elsewhere, though.

1. Army Green Long-Sleeve

Rihanna Anti Tour Long-Sleeve Tee, $35,

It might not be neon green, but it's just as edgy.

2. Anti Jacket

Rihanna Anti Jacket, $100,

Or you could stick to the black color theme.

3. "R" Sweatshirt

Rihanna Pullover Hoodie, $47,

This one gives off the same kind of vibes, but with a hood.

4. Graphic Tee

Rihanna Anti Tour Tshirt, $30,

You could always opt to show off her fabulous style on top of yours.

5. Anti Tee

Anti Tee, $20,

One word is all you need to show your support.

6. Role Model Sweatshirt

Role Model Sweatshirt, $70,

Brighten things up while staying edgy all at the same time.

7. Boy Shorts

Rihanna Boy Shorts, $35,

Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without these black, Rihanna boy shorts.

Who knew dressing like a backup dancer could be so trendy?

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)