The New Kylie Lip Kits Are Still Available!

Lip Kits are finally on the level. And by "level," I mean leveled out, at least in terms of straight economics! After months of instant sell-outs and customers dealing with a serious degree of difficulty when it came to obtaining a Kylie Lip Kit, the brand's supply now appears able to meet demand. New Kylie Lip Kits launched on Friday, Aug. 26 and the colors are pretty, fall-ready, and look like new, updated, and fresh takes on previously existing shades. It's as though she was taking inspo from her own damn self.

Since Jenner keeps expanding the Lip Kit color repertoire, ranging from blues to purples to nudes to neutrals, she is able to offer multiple colors in the same color family, so that there truly is something for everyone and their own unique skintone.

With the new Lip Kits, she created the works-with-all-skin tones Brown Sugar, the is-what-its-name-suggests Dirty Peach, and the plummy mauve Love Bite.

The new KLKs are a perfect fall wardrobe. But are the new Kylie Lip Kits sold out?

Good news if you are on the hunt for new autumn lip colors! All three of the Kylie Lip Kits are still shoppable on the site.

They are available as individual kits and as a bundle. The bundle isn't offered as a discount, save for the fact that you only have to pay one shipping cost if you buy all the newbies at once. The new Lip Kit liquid lippies and their matching liners are not yet being sold as singles yet, either. Perhaps they will be down the road.

If you haven't shopped the new Lip Kit shades, you may as well get to it.

Read between the lines!

Here is the screenshot of the status of the three new additions to the Lip Kit family. They are still on site and available to purchase.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Courtesy Kylie Cosmetics (1)