Kimye Sues YouTube Founder; He Says The Couple Should Sue TMZ Too

Between all the hoopla surrounding Kimye's impending Paris nuptials, including everyone freaking out because Beyoncé and Jay Z might not attend the ceremony, and Kardashian squeezing into her little sister's swimsuit, I could not be more ready for this wedding to be over and done with. Instead of hightailing it to the courthouse for a quickie ceremony like most people who are on their third marriage, Kardashian and West went to the courthouse alright-- to file a lawsuit. Back in October, they took issue with YouTube founder Chad Hurley posting their proposal online before it aired on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And now, per The Hollywood Reporter, not only is Hurley contesting their lawsuit with one of his own, he's asking why they couple hasn't sued TMZ.

Ohhh, boy.

Before I address the obvious, Hurley does make a few points. He says he signed a release allowing him to attend the proposal for publicity purposes, which Kris Jenner acknowledged. He also feels that the leak didn't do too much damage to West and Kardashian, which I acknowledge. (Otherwise, it wouldn't have taken them an alleged 11 days after filing suit to call for removal of the footage.) Reportedly, the video was even discovered on TMZ's site. And according to Hurley's lawyers, the footage was uploaded in such a way that it couldn't be removed, plus they claim Hurley's Mixbit website didn't gain anything from the leaked video.

So yes, Mr. Hurley, you certainly have points that I agree with, but this suing TMZ business isn't one of them. Do you seriously expect the Kardashians of all people to go championing worthy causes like Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner? Kris Jenner would never. So please, just stick with your other points, namely the fact that the leak didn't hurt much. Besides, everyone knows the Kardashians owe their massive popularity to leaked footage. Expecting them to sue TMZ amounts to Jenner biting the hand that feeds her. To that I say, don't hold your breath.