Kim K Shares Her Favorite Kanye Songs

Kim Kardashian is Kanye's biggest fan (besides Kanye himself), so it should come as no surprise that his biggest fan came up with the best Yeezy playlist the world has to offer. For "Music Monday" on Kardashian's website, Kim K shared her favorite Kanye songs in the form of a Spotify playlist on Monday, Aug. 29, in honor of Kanye's new Saint Pablo tour. The website caption states, "Kanye's Saint Pablo tour just started and I am so excited to be going with him! To celebrate, I put together this playlist of some of my favorite Kanye songs from over the years. Listen and enjoy!" And, in fact, the playlist is the perfect love letter to Yeezy and his music.

Kardashian's playlist features old favorites like "Gold Digger" and "Jesus Walks," as well as new lesser known songs, like "Pt.2" from Life of Pablo. It also showcases various Kanye albums like 808s and Heartbreaks, Watch the Throne (his collaboration with Jay Z), and Graduation, among others. There's even a song that's not on a Kanye album, which just features his bars, "Sanctified," from Rick Ross's album 2014 Mastermind. The variation of the songs is perfect for a Kanye fan who's trying to get into their work week, or get a solid work out going, or simply groove.

It's interesting, because the playlist starts with "H*A*M," a collaboration on Watch the Throne that is a salute to Kanye and Jay Z's combined power together. It then ends with "Real Friends," a track from Life of Pablo which is about how real friendships are hard to come by in the industry. What does it all mean? Does it mean anything? Did an intern actually make the playlist and I'm just reading into the whole thing?

Should you choose to repeat the playlist without Spotify, it goes as follows:

1. “HAM” 2. “FML” 3. “Say You Will” 4. “Amazing” 5. “Sanctified” 6. “Cold” 7. “Ultralight Beam” 8. “Otis” 9. “Black Skinhead” 10. “Good Life” 11. “Everything I Am” 12. “Pt. 2” 13. “Clique” 14. “Bound 2” 15. “Only One” 16. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” 17. “Jesus Walks” 18. “Waves” 19. “Famous” 20. “No Church in the Wild” 21. “Wolves” 22. “RoboCop” 23. “Gold Digger” 24. “Heartless” 25. “All Falls Down” 26. “Runaway” 27. “All of the Lights” 28. “Real Friends”

This is seriously a great time, because who better to share the perfect progression of Kanye's music than his lady love? Kardashian seriously nails the Kanye love. Happy listening.

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