Check Out The First Images of Zoe Saldana In 'Rosemary's Baby'! — PHOTO

Do you want to see a pic of Zoe Saldana sporting her Rosemary Woodhouse hairdo? Of course you do. I should've had you at "a pic of Zoe Saldana." (I mean, it's Zoe freakin' Saldana. Why wouldn't you want to see a picture of the effortless goddess?) Entertainment Weekly shared two images from the upcoming remake of Rosemary’s Baby, and said images are floating all over the web. In one of the photos, we see a pregnant and be-pixie'd Rosemary (Saldana). In the other, Rosemary looks disoriented? Scared? Sleepy? Possessed? Oh, I am INTRIGUED.

The four-part NBC miniseries will star Saldana and Patrick J. Adams as an expectant couple living in Paris. Sounds like a cute story, right? Okay, if you're familiar with the novel/original movie, you know that the story is not cute. Because the unborn baby? It isn't your standard rocking chair-loving, Yo Gabba Gabba!-watching, mushy carrot-eating, (insert other "baby things" here. I clearly know a lot about babies) baby. It's a demon baby. Yes, the premise of the movie is that Rosemary is with demon child. Sounds hilarious, right? Obviously, hilarity ensues.

(Oh! And by "hilarious," I mean "horrifying," and by "hilarity," I mean "horror.")

Check out Saldana's Rosemary hair here: