Mark Your Calendars For The First Day Of Fall

It's been one hot summer — and while we were dreaming of summer back in the winter, we're now counting down the days until autumn leaves make their grand appearance. So, when is the first day of fall for the 2016 calendar? Since we're (finally) starting to get slightly cooler days, you might assume that fall is right now. But hold your horses — technically, that's not the case.

While the first day of fall usually hits around the same time, it's never on an exact day. So, each year it can get a little confusing as to when we say goodbye to summer, and hello to sweater season. (Or, long sleeves season, at the very least.) This year, it looks like you can mark your calendar for fall starting on Thursday, Sept. 22. Fall is scheduled to end on Tuesday, Dec. 20 — which seems a little late, doesn't it? But alas, winter officially starts up just four days before Christmas.

There are plenty of wonderful ways you can ring in the fall season, and no — they don't have to be pumpkin flavored. For one, you can try on all of those hoodies you've been dying to wear, and you can also take a spontaneous road trip (with the windows down — since hello, fresh air) to watch the leaves change color. Fall is definitely one of the most gorgeous seasons, and we need to definitely make the most out of it while we have it.

Also? OK, it might seem a little cliche, but fall is an amazing time to find your local orchard and pick some apples. Bonus: there's no better way to celebrate the season than with homemade apple sauce and apple pies. For knitters, this is also your season — while knitting is something you can always do, it just seems a bit more enjoyable in the fall. Plus, you'll be getting a head start on some holiday gifts.

Sept. 22 will definitely be an enjoyable day. Let's start preparing our goodbye to summer, and our hello to the beautiful season.

Image Credits: Pexels, Giphy