Sarah Jessica Parker's New 'Divorce' Poster Has A Real Sense Of Foreboding — PHOTO

I love everything about Sarah Jessica Parker. From her perfume line to her movie roles, if Parker is involved, I need to know about it. Obviously, I'm more than a little excited about her new HBO show Divorce, which premieres on Oct. 9, 2016. While HBO was also responsible for that little-known TV show Sex And The City, Parker's been making it clear in interviews that her new character Frances is nothing like Carrie Bradshaw. And the latest poster for Sarah Jessica Parker's Divorce has a real sense of foreboding, and gives us a few more clues about what to expect from the series.

As the title suggests, Divorce is a much darker show than Sex And The City , and the latest poster only confirms that. Featuring the actress holding hands with co-star Thomas Haden Church, who plays her husband in the series, the poster shows a moving train coming towards the pair. Standing on railway tracks, with the New York City skyline in the background, it's clear that Divorce is a show about what happens after you find the one, post-happily ever after.

The poster for Divorce features the tagline, "For better or worse. Or worse." Clearly, this show is about a marriage that's coming to an end after an unhappy period. While Parker and Church are well-dressed in the photo, they're only very loosely holding hands, suggesting that, although they're tied together by matrimony, they've lost their connection.

With a train fast approaching them both, and the sun setting, there are a plethora of hints that something major is coming to an end. Even though the series is created by Sharon Horgan, the hilarious writer and actor responsible for Catastrophe, Divorce looks totally emotional, and brutally honest in its depiction of a marriage.

While Manhattan is a key attribute of both Divorce and Sex And The City, the latest poster for Parker's new show proves that the actress is moving in a brand new direction. She's obviously ready to explore serious issues, and difficult decisions, in her work. I'm sure that she is more than ready for the challenge, and I can't wait for Divorce to air on Oct. 9.