21 Cool Last-Minute 2016 Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're in the midnight hour rushing to find the perfect last-minute 2016 Halloween costume idea, have no fear, spooky friends. The following costumes are a no-brainer. You just need a little creativity to go from nothing to a whole lot of something. Since Halloween is all about disguises, you'll just need to dig deeper into your closet on this particular day.

Personally, whenever Halloween falls on a weekend, I start to stress out. Weekend Halloween means having a different costume every night you plan on going out. That can be up to three if you are feeling very adventurous. At first, it seems easy, but then on day three, you realize you are out of ideas. So guess what? You improvise. Start looking at your house as one giant party supply store. Anything can become a great costume if you just sell it. Wear a sheet and be a ghost. Put on thick-rimmed glasses and become a nerd. It is really all about you having fun. The rest will come together in no time.

The key to last-minute costumes is the recognizability. Since you don't have that much time, you'll have to go for things that people will easily guess. Sure, that makes it a little less fun because having something obscure be your outfit makes people guess very funny things, but it will still work. The options below will be your best friends when you come down to the wire and have no ideas that stand out to you.

1. Brawny Paper Towel Guy

The paper towel mascot is your ticket to being the hit of the party. Just make sure to carry the actual pack of paper towels with you!

What You'll Need: This look is very simple. You will need a red plaid shirt ($19.99, Aeropostale), which most of us already have, and a pair of blue jeans ($39.99, H&M). You can tuck the shirt into the jeans and add a fake beard using eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Image: Polyvore

2. Regina George

If you have a tank top that you are not afraid to ruin and a colorful bra, this costume is perfect in a pinch.

What You'll Need: Using a pair of household scissors, cut holes into a white tank top ($9.99, Zulily). This should expose your sports bra ($26.99, Kohls). Finish the look off by putting on a black skirt ($24.99, H&M), and you are all set.

Images: Polyvore

3. Fork In The Road

Everyone likes a little play on words!

What You'll Need: This costume will require nothing more than a black T-shirt ($7.99, Shein) and a plastic fork ($8, Gracious Home). The rest is using white tape ($4.69, NewChic) to create a a road division. Tape the fork down to the t-shirt, and you're set!

Image: Polyvore

4. Bulletin Board

If you have nothing but a few office supplies laying around, this might be the best think to come your way.

What You'll Need: Fish out that brown T-shirt ($6.99, RomWe) that you haven't worn in forever and start sticking Post-It notes ($2.44, Walmart) all over it. You can have each saying something about a fictional meeting or service as an added touch.

Image: Polyvore

5. Grapes

A quick trip to CVS will be the answer to your last minute scramble. This ensemble is a classic.

What You'll Need: A purple T-shirt ($12.97, Lands End) is the basis for this outfit. Blow up some purple balloons ($4.99, Amazon) into roughly the same sizes, and stick them all around yourself. If you want to be even more clever, you can not blow them up half-way and claim to be old grapes.

Image: Polyvore

6. Chip On Your Shoulder

You don't even need to leave your kitchen for this look to come together. Plus, it can be an amazing snack when you eventually go home.

What You'll Need: You don't need a fancy shirt or anything, but a black T-shirt ($7.99, Shein) will help the chips stand out. Just grab a bag of chips ($2.53 , Walmart) and tape it to your shoulder. BOOM. That's it.

Image: Polyvore

7. Nerd

If you are out of ideas, falling back on this classic is always an option.

What You'll Need: Breakout the suspenders ($5.97, New Chic) your mom got you as a gag gift, and wear them over a plaid shirt ($19.99, Aeropostale) with a breast pocket. Complete the look with some thick rimmed glasses ($7.99, Amazon) and shazam, you're a nerd.

Image: Polyvore

8. Flight Attendant

This outfit is comprised of mostly things that you already have in your closet.

What You'll Need: Just find your interview shirt ($21, Dorothy Parker) and tuck it inside of a black skirt ($24.99, H&M). Add a colorful blazer ($19.99, TredUp) and a small ($16, River Island) scarf, and you are good to fly in the sky.

Image: Polyvore

9. Cereal Killer

A pun is where the heart is.

What You'll Need: Invest in a fake knife ($4.57, Amazon) and carry it around next to a box of cereal ($7, Sam's Club). Cheap and easy!

Images: Polyvore

10. Shia Labeouf

Remember when Shia Labeouf did that whole thing when he wore the "Not Famous" bag on his head? Well, now it's your last-minute Halloween prayers answered.

What You'll Need: Dress like you are going to a fancy meeting. That means a nice white button-down shirt ($39.95, AE) and a black blazer ($39, Sanssoucistores) to boot. The star of the show will be a paper grocery bag ($15.84, Trouva) that you most likely have lying around from your last grocery trip. Cut out some eyeholes and write "I Am Not Famous Anymore" on it.

Image: Polyvore

11. Twin Emoji

Everyone speaks emoji now, so everyone is going to get this.

What You'll Need: Just pull out a plain black T-shirt ($7.99, Shein) and black shorts ($24.90, Choies). Pair with cat ears ($20, FarFetch) and a blond wig ($13.29, PinkQueen). If you have a roommate or a friend who is also scrambling for something last minute, this will do the trick.

Image: Polyvore

12. Rosie The Riveter

This costume is so easy! It's perfect for a last-minute costume and has a GREAT message.

What You'll Need: This look is all about a bold cat eye and attitude. You'll need to tie a red bandana ($1.86, GoJane) around your head and pair that with a jean shirt ($65, TopShop) that you already own. That's it! In the words of Rosie, "We can do it!"

Image: Polyvore

13. Minion

These cute little guys are all you'll want to be this Halloween.

What You'll Need: The creatures you are trying to look like have soft yellow bodies that you can mimic by wearing a yellow T-shirt ($15.99, ThredUp). Then click your black suspenders ($5.97, NewChic) onto a pair of high-waisted jean shorts ($54.47, Etsy) and put on a pair of goggles ($10.99, Amazon). Now you're ready for mischief.

Images: Polyvore

14. Risky Business

The iconic look is perfect for those running out the door in a rush.

What You'll Need: The Tom Cruise look from his famous movie role starts off with an oversized men's button down shirt ($39, Yoox). Sprinkle in some black sunglasses ($10, Make Me Chic) and a pair of tube socks ($7.99, Knee High Socks), and you're good to go.

Images: Polyvore

15. Robber

Do you have multiple black pieces of clothing in your closet? (In other words, are you a millennial?) Then you have a Halloween costume.

What You'll Need: Since the basic premise of a robber is an all black ensemble, you'll need a black T-shirt ($7.99, Shein) and black jeans ($10.99, RomWe). Cut holes inside of a black sleeping mask ($7.29, NewChic) and you have yourself a robber costume.

Image: Polyvore

16. Facebook

Jim on The Office made this an iconic look. I'm sure he wouldn't mind you borrowing it.

What You'll Need: There are two ways to go about this costume. You can either carry around a book ($32, Etsy) and press your face into it every time someone asks you what you are, OR you can just use eyeliner ($21, MAC) and write the word 'book' on your face.

Image: Polyvore

17. Present

Everyone has some gift paper laying around! If you don't, a quick trip to CVS will do the trick.

What You'll Need: Just press a bow ($9, ChicNova) to your head and pin some gift wrap paper ($8.50, Casa) onto your shirt. Christmas came early this year!

Image: Polyvore

18. Ghost

This is a Halloween classic. It does require you to ruin some sheets, but hey, it's all in the name of partying.

What You'll Need: Just use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut holes in a bed sheet ($39, Urban Outfitters). You can get them online or just go to your local Goodwill and get some you won't mind cutting holes into.

Image: Polyvore

19. Unicorn

Being magical is what this holiday should be about. Get ready to impress.

What You'll Need: If you have a rainbow-themed shirt ($9.59, PinkQueen) you can put that on to add to the look, but really, anything with glitter or sequins will do the trick! The main event will be rolling some construction paper ($4.96, Walmart) to form a horn. You can either tie it to your head on a string or just tape it to an old baseball hat.

Images: Polyvore

20. Anything '80s

Since everyone owns some clothing that can be considered '80s, this might just be the easiest look for you ever.

What You'll Need: Neon was a big '80s give-away. Find that neon shirt ($24.80, WearAll) you've worn to a rave or a pair of neon leggings ($9.09, PinkQueen) you sometimes wear to work out. Top off the look with a neon head band ($3.99, Etsy) and some killer '80s hair, and you are all set.

Images: Polyvore

21. Tourist

If you really don't know what to do last-minute before Halloween, get ready to be a tourist. It requires getting into a fun mindset and you get to use your props practically.

What You'll Need: Bust out that Hawaiian shirt ($48.16, Etsy) and a pair of big sunglasses ($10.99, Amazon). Make sure to also snap a lot of pictures on a disposable camera ($21, Cotton On). That way you'll also have amazing memories of your night.

Image: Polyvore

Go forth, fellow procrastinators, and have an especially ~spooky~ Halloween!

Images: Polyvore; VEVO