20 Creative Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Pull Straight From Your Closet

I am the first to admit that I can be a procrastinator, even with things I enjoy — like picking out a Halloween costume. In August, you have all these ideas, but by Oct. 25, you haven’t even thought about going to the Halloween store. So if you’ve put off your costume selection until the last minute, here are some costume ideas that are creative, clever, and insanely simple.

It's not that I procrastinate Halloween costumes because I don't have any ideas. In fact, usually the opposite is true. I have too many ideas, and not enough time or money to actually turn them into real costumes. Luckily, you can still put together some awesome Halloween outfits the week, the day, or even the night before Halloween — I promise. The ideas I’ve put together either contain a lot of things you might already own (I think every woman owns at least one pair of flats or a black shirt), or items that can easily be bought on Amazon or at the mall. Ready for your costume to be a hit? Here is everything you need.

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1. Basic Witch

Witchy Black Dress, $44, Pinkqueen | Witch's Hat, $7, Amazon | Ugg Boots, $124, Amazon

This costume is just that — basic. All you need is a witchy black dress, a witch's hat, your favorite pair of cozy boots, your phone, and, of course, your fave drink. Don't forget to Snapchat all your spell casting!

2. Ash From Pokemon

Blue Hoodie, $15, Amazon | Skinny Jeans, $20-38, Amazon | Green Mittens, $9, Amazon | Ash Ketchum's Signature Hat, $15, Amazon | Pikachu Plush, $12, Amazon | Pokeball, $11, Amazon

Costume: I choose you! Get yourself a short-sleeved blue hoodie, a pair of light-wash jeans, some cheap green mittens, Ash Ketchum's signature hat, as well as a few Pokemon accessories — a Pikachu plush and a Pokeball.

3. #CatsofInstagram

Black Long-Sleeve Top, $32, Amazon | Black Jeans, $18, Amazon | Fur Vest, $18, Amazon | Comfy Fur Booties, $33, Amazon | Cat Makeup Kit, $10, Spirit Halloween | Cat Ear Headband, $8, Amazon | Big Instagram Frame, $16, Etsy

We've probably all been a cat at least one year, so put that kitty costume toward something clever. You'll need a black long-sleeve top, black jeans, a fur vest, some comfy fur booties, a cat makeup kit, a cat ear headband, and a big Instagram frame.

4. Daria Morgendorffer From Daria

Green Coat, $52, Amazon | Orange T-shirt, $20, Amazon | Pleated Black Skirt, $15, Amazon | Combat Boots, $23, Amazon | Round Glasses, $12, Amazon | Blunt Bangs, $12, Amazon | Skull, $10, Amazon

She was everyone's favorite misanthropic teen. Get Daria's warm green coat, an orange T-shirt, a pleated black skirt, combat boots, some round glasses, a wig with blunt bangs, and her favorite skull.

5. Professional Gamer

Appropriate T-shirt, $15, Amazon | Ripped Jeans, $8-34, Amazon | Cool Hoodie, $35 A mazon | League of Legends Rammus Hat, $6, eBay | Keyboard and Mouse, $30, Amazon

Gamers work hard and play even harder. To level up, you'll need an appropriate T-shirt, ripped jeans, a cool hoodie, a League of Legends Rammus hat, and a keyboard and/or mouse to carry around.

6. Regina George From Mean Girls

Blonde Wig, $10, Amazon | White Tank Top, $9, Amazon | Purple Bra, $12, Amazon | Black Skater Skirt, $14, Amazon | Heels, $30, Amazon

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by someone dressed like Regina George. Find a blonde wig, basic white tank top, purple bra, black skater skirt, heels, and some scissors to cut out the holes.

7. A Minion

Yellow Hoodie, $22, Pinkqueen | Overalls, $20-30, Amazon | Black Tights, $8, Amazon | Flats, $13, Amazon | Black Mittens, $9, Amazon | Goggle Glasses, $10, Claries

Beedo, beedo, beedo! Nab a yellow hoodie, overalls, some black tights, flats, black mittens, some Minion goggle glasses, and a banana for good measure.

8. Clark Kent

Superman shirt, $9, Amazon | White Button-Down, $11, Amazon | Slacks, $26, Amazon | Wayfarer Glasses, $7, Amazon | Hardcover Notebook, $18, Zady | Press Pass, $10 Idmaker

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your Halloween costume! Obviously, you'll need a Superman shirt, white button-down, slacks, wayfarer glasses, a hardcover notebook, and don't forget your press pass!

9. Tina Belcher From Bob's Burgers

Wayfarer Glasses, $7, Amazon | Light Blue T-shirt, $7, Amazon | Jean Skirt, $19, Amazon | Converse Sneakers, $44, Amazon | Tube Socks $8, Fishpond | Yellow Barrette (10-pc), $5, Amazon | Zombi-Butt Fan Fiction, $10, Kmart

Zombies, butts, unicorns — that's Tina Belcher. Grab a pair of wayfarer glasses, a light blue T-shirt, jean skirt, Converse sneakers, tube socks, a yellow barrette, and a composition notebook for all of Tina's zombi-butt fan fiction.

10. Party Animal

Leopard Print Dress, $10, Amazon | Leopard Ears Headband, $13, Amazon | Heels, $39, Lulus | Party Hat, $2, Amazon | Noisemakers (4-pc), $5, Amazon | Makeup, $6, Amazon

Get it? Party down with a leopard print dress, leopard ears headband, fun heels, a party hat, a noisemaker, and some makeup to complete the leopard look.

11. Hipster Ariel

Shell Bra Crop Top, $28, Adorkableapparel | Wayfarer Glasses, $25, Dailylook | Mermaid Leggings, $10, Amazon | Red Wig, $22, Amazon | TOMS Flats, $59, Amazon | FlounderPlush, $19, Amazon

You wanted legs before it was cool. You'll need a shell bra crop top, wayfarer glasses, mermaid leggings, a red wig, TOMS flats, and a Flounder plush to roll eyes with.

12. Thing 1 And Thing 2 From The Cat in the Hat

Thing 1 And Thing 2 Shirt Set, $28, Amazon | Blue Wigs, $5, Seasonstrading | Striped Socks, $6, Amazon | Comfy Shorts, $10, Dickssportinggoods

Grab your BFF, sister, or significant other for this Seuss-y costume. Start with Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts, blue afro wigs, striped socks, and some comfy shorts.

13. Fantasy Football Player

Wizard's Robe, $67, Amazon | Wizard's Staff, $44, Officialcostumes | Gray Beard, $3, Amazon | Fake Football Helmet, $3, Orientaltrading | Football, $11, Amazon

Down ... set ... curse your opponents' starting quarterback. Win your league with a wizard's robe, a wizard's staff, a gray, fake beard, a fake football helmet, and a football.

14. Tourist

Hawaiian Shirt, $18, Amazon | Khaki Shorts, $18, Amazon | White Socks, $10, Amazon | White Walking Sneakers, $19, Amazon | Camera-Inspired Case, $40, Casetify

Basically, dress like your parents did/still do on all those vacations you took as a kid. Get the look with a Hawaiian shirt, baggy shorts, white socks, white tennis shoes, this cool camera-inspired case for your phone, and a trusty map of wherever you happen to be.

15. Unicorn

White Maxi Dress, $18, Yoins | Fur Leg Warmers, $8, Pinkqueen | Rainbow Gloves, $8, Amazon | Rainbow Tail, $11, Amazon | Rainbow Wig, $15, Amazon | Unicorn Horn, $20, Etsy

Life really can be all unicorns and sparkles! You'll need a white maxi dress, white, fur leg warmers, rainbow gloves, rainbow tail, rainbow wig, and your choice of horn!

16. Sarah Or Alison From Orphan Black

Headband, $9, Amazon | White Vest, $32, Apparelnbags | Long-Sleeve Pink Top, $13, Amazon | Yoga Pants $17, Amazon | Nike's, $54, Zappos | Black Tights, $9, Amazon | Combat Boots $32, Amazon | Leather Jacket, $17, Amazon | Over-the-knee Socks, $9, Amazon | Red Tank Top, $11 Amazon | Black Shorts, $33, Amazon

This would be good for siblings, but you could also switch costumes yourself throughout the night and confuse everyone. For Alison on the left, you'll need a headband, puffy white vest, long-sleeve pink top, yoga pants, and some Nike's. For Sarah, you'll need black tights, combat boots, leather jacket, over-the-knee socks, red tank top, and distressed black shorts.

17. Max From Where the Wild Things Are

Gray Hoodie, $13, Amazon | Gray Sweatpants, $34, Pinkqueen | Monster Feet Slippers, $13, Amazon | Animal Tail, $3 Amazon | Golden Paper Crown, $2, Amazon

Pajamas are a perfectly acceptable Halloween costume choice! If you can't find footie PJ's in your size, use a gray hoodie, gray sweatpants, monster feet slippers an animal tail, and a golden paper crown.

18. Dead Bride

Veil, $8, Amazon | Bouquet Varies, Michaels | Heels, $9, Amazon | Fake Blood $8, Amazon | Dead/Zombie Makeup, $9, Amazon

Dead bride, corpse bride, zombie bride, killer bride — take your pick. I would first suggest getting a wedding dress from Goodwill or a thrift store, since you'll probably be ruining it with fake blood. Then you'll need a veil, a bouquet, heels, generous amounts of fake blood, and some dead/zombie makeup to complete the look.

19. Ladybug

Red Dress, $25, Amazon | Black Tights, $9, Amazon | Flats, $33, Amazon | Ladybug Antenna and Bow Tie, $14, Amazon | Stick-on Felt Dots $9, Amazon

A classic costume choice for the procrastinator among us. Start with a red dress, then add black tights, flats, ladybug wings, antenna, and bow tie, and stick-on felt dots to the dress.

20. The Crow

Leather Duster, $51, Amazon | Black Long-Sleeved Shirt, $8, Amazon | Leather Leggings, $16, Amazon | Combat Boots, $32, Amazon | Silver String, $11, Amazon | White Face Makeup, $10, Amazon

The Crow is still cool, right? Get your Goth on with a leather duster, black long-sleeved shirt, leather pants, combat boots, some silver string for detail, and white face makeup.

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