'Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas Wanted 'R' Rated Show, Talks Possible Netflix Spinoff, Sequel

Thursday night in Los Angeles, the 31st annual PaleyFest kicked off with a documentary screening and panel Q&A from the cast and creator of Veronica Mars . This year, the festival is being held at Hollywood's Dolby Theater, home of the Academy Awards, due to the growing demand of fans in attendance. The festival is host to some of the best and most beloved television shows, offering a place for fans to meet the people behind their favorites, and have their personal questions answered. So it seemed quite appropriate that Veronica Mars, a show that not only took the stage at PaleyFest in 2005, but is now a film (thanks in large part to the fans) would kick off this year's festival.

Series creator Rob Thomas, along with most of the original cast, took the stage to thank the fans for making their wish for a Veronica Mars movie a reality. "I'd like to thank Adele Nazeem," Thomas said, standing on the stage where a mere weeks earlier, John Travolta uttered the same words in complete seriousness. The audience was privy to a screening of the Veronica Mars Movie documentary, which began at the start of their now infamous Kickstarter campaign, through shooting the film, and ended at Comic-Con 2013, where the fandom of Veronica Mars was showcased in extremity.

“[The campaign] did both things that we needed to do simultaneously. We needed to prove that there was an audience, because it was a bit unbelievable that there was a rabid fan base for a show that had been on the air seven years ago. And we needed someone to finance the film. So, I thought [Thomas] was as brilliant as ever," Kristen Bell said. “We're all clear as to how and why this film got made. Fans forked over their hard-earned paychecks. We're not flippant about that. It's f*cking radical!”

So now that the film, which once seemed a far-fetched idea, has become a reality. Would the cast and creator be open to another film? A return to television?

“The idea of a Netflix or Amazon order excites me to no end. I would love it. I would love to be able to do the R-rated version of Veronica Mars," Thomas said, as Bell seated next to him, gave him a sideways, wide-eyed look. "I would love to tell some darker stories. It's a noir show, Veronica's an adult now. I would certainly listen to that. Hopefully, people would line up for that as well.”

Thomas joked: “I've said many times. We also think we could be a very successful low-budget Bond franchise, do one of these every two or three years.”

If the fans can not only financially support, but be ravenous enthusiasts of the franchise after a seven year hiatus, the idea of another film is hardly off the table. So what keeps the Veronica Mars fan going, year after year, even after the show was pulled from the CW after three short seasons? Kristen Bell thinks it's Veronica's character, her innate likability and her unyielding passion for justice. "Veronica's weapon of choice is her wit... her sass and her snark."

The Veronica Mars movie is in theaters Friday, March 14.