Hillary Clinton's Huma Abedin Statement Isn't Coming & Here's Why

Since 2011, when Anthony Weiner became the the subject of the first of his now-numerous sexting scandals, his family's private lives have been put under a magnifying glass. But that doesn't mean they're yours or anyone else's business. Don't expect Hillary Clinton to make a statement about Huma Abedin. To put it bluntly, there's simply not a lot to talk about, especially in regard to her presidential campaign.

Of all people, Clinton wouldn't consider drawing negative attention toward Abedin, her longtime aide. Any commentary surrounding Abedin — whether supportive or critical — should revolve around her extensive work in the political sphere, not Weiner's extramarital escapades. Lo and behold, her long record of political involvement has absolutely nothing to do with her potentially-soon-to-be-ex-husband.

And as for allegations — perpetuated by none other than Donald Trump — that Weiner, and by extension Abedin, are supposedly bad publicity for Clinton's campaign? Well, it doesn't look as though Clinton should be too worried about how the scandal could affect her own reputation. After all, this isn't the first time Trump has made far-fetched claims in an attempt to slam his opponent... and, of course, make you scratch your head in bewilderment.

After Weiner was caught sexting another woman (yes, again) this week, Trump tried to stir up commotion over the possibility of him somehow gaining sensitive information from Abedin. Coming from the man who allegedly asked a foreign policy expert why the United States doesn't use nuclear weapons, as MSNBC's Joe Scarborough had reported, the prospect of sensitive information in Weiner's hands seems harmless. And given that Clinton hasn't addressed the situation, she probably knows it. Additionally, commenting publicly on a marital issue that's out of her realm of control would unnecessarily connect her to it.

Given Clinton and Abedin's close relationship, the Democratic presidential nominee will likely be there in a more genuine way for Abedin — as her friend, and not as a spectator of some juicy gossip. The vice chair of Clinton's presidential campaign said it herself: She'd appreciate some privacy. And that goes for everyone, because Abedin is a human being just like you. Clinton, who has been repeatedly scrutinized for her own husband's past infidelities, understands that better than anyone.

Furthermore, this isn't the first time that Abedin's had to struggle with Weiner's unfaithfulness. According to a friend, she and Weiner had allegedly been on the verge of separating long before the latest scandal broke out. Hence the announcement probably didn't come as much of a surprise to those close to the couple, including Clinton. And by remaining on the sidelines for this one, Clinton is both distancing herself from any allegations that Weiner's sexting could hurt her campaign and, more importantly, granting Abedin the privacy and respect she deserves.