On 'Community,' Who Will Abed and Annie's Next Roommate Be?

During Thursday's episode of Community, Annie and Abed were really feeling Troy's absence. So much so, in fact, that they tried to settle who their next roommate would be over a game of "Pile of Bullets," which seems like the worst game made in the history of '90s VCR Wild West games (featuring Vince Gilligan as the cowboy guide). Naturally, this starts a huge fight between them, and they realized how much Troy kept the peace in the apartment. (Miss you, Donald Glover.) Abed and Annie are both incredibly intense, and they need a third roommate not only as someone to help them split rent, but as a buffer. But why let a board game decide who it is, when we can do it? Here are the options given to us in the episode:


Anthony is Annie's brother, who has been rarely discussed or talked about until now. Like Abed, he seems to have some sort of disorder that keeps him from interacting normally with other people. (Case in point: he asks permission to go poop.) Unlike Abed, he seems like he could definitely kill someone in their sleep. He's scary as hell, but it'd be interesting to learn more about Annie's old life. Plus, he and Abed would likely become best friends or worst enemies, which would be entertaining either way.


She's sweet, she's funny, and she seems to really get Abed. It's his first relationship with a human that isn't Troy that seems to be going really well. But... no. Just, no, Abed! Like Annie says, you can't microwave a relationship. Just because you're getting along so well doesn't mean that it's time to move in together after a month. Thank god Abed decided to back off with a water-soaked apology (complete with someone slipping and falling on the resulting puddle of water).


She's a therapist, and she's also crazier than either Abed or Annie. They both immediately nix the idea, but c'mon, why not? Britta's hilarious, and she doesn't get enough hang time with Abed or Annie. Plus, Britta's stance as a therapist (albeit not a very good one) could make her the perfect buffer for Abed and Annie. And she could do her weird pizza dance all the time!


Sure, Abed and Annie suggested it, but just... no. There is no way anyone on Craigslist will be better than Britta. Also, Craigslist is not typically the place where you can find calm, sane people who are good at breaking up fights between roommates. It is the place where you can find R. Kelly impersonators to narrate your life, à la "Trapped in the Closet."

Image: NBC