Here's When To Shop Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lips

Lust-worthy, ruby slipper-like lips — the kind Naomi Campbell has been showing off— can be yours. Makeup visionary Pat McGrath is launching the Lust 004 lip products, which come in three color stories. She is offering an 11-piece "Everything" kit, consisting of six sinfully pigmented matte lipsticks in nude and red shades, a Clear Vinyl Gloss, the Metallic Gold Pigment, and three microfine glitters, for $150. The matte lippies will be sold as singles for $25. The three separate color kits, comprised of five products, featuring two lippies, the gloss, the MGP, and a glitter, will be sold for $60. The Lust 004 products will be available via select Sephora locations and on Sept. 8. However, you don't have to wait that long, since Lust 004 will cruise onto the Pat McGrath site on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

What time can you shop Pat McGrath's Lust 004 lip products, which bring a dose of high fashion fabulousness to your pout?

You need to hop onto the Pat McGrath site at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. ET in an attempt to purchase these magnificent, life-giving lippies. Remember, McGrath launched her eponymous line with the Gold 001 glitter product and her three-piece Skin Fetish 003 highlighter kit, which offered the ultimate in ethereal glow. Both sold out on the quick.

Here's how to shop: I suggest taking 30 minutes to yourself, if you are able. Open a single browser to the Pat McGrath site, while closing out all other browsers. Tune out distractions, without shirking any of your responsibilities, though. Then proceed to shop, since you will be battling plenty of other digital customers.

But it'll be worth it if you score a Lust 004 kit. You will have the sexiest lips in the universe.

Observe the Everything Kit: Flesh 1 Lipstick, Flesh 2 Lipstick, Venom 1 Lipstick, Venom 2 Lipstick, Blood 1 Lipstick, Blood 2 Lipstick, Clear Vinyl Gloss, Metallic Gold Pigment, Flesh Microfine Glitter, Venom Microfine Glitter, and Blood Microfine Glitter.

You can come up with some many custom, couture lip looks with these pucker paints. All of the products in the Everything Kit are sold in smaller, color-coordinated kits. You can witness those individual kits below.

This is the "Flesh" color option for subtle sexaliciousness.

The "Vermillion Venom" color option will unleash your inner vamp.

Your screen siren side will assert itself with the "Bloodwine" color option.

The Lust 004 single lippies will also be available at noon.

McGrath and her team suggest first swiping your pout with the velvety, matte lipstick. Use a single shade or customize with multiple colors and layers. Add a slick of gloss for shine or apply the Metallic Gold Pigment for depth and dimension. Or add the MGP over both the lipstick and the gloss and prepare for lips so sexy it's almost illegal. Finish with a sprinkle of the microfine glitter for intense glimmer and shimmer.

To recap, the Lust 004 products are available as six, exclusive single lipstick shades for $25 a piece. They are also available as three different color options/kits, which feature five products and are $60 a piece. The Everything Kit includes all 11 products for $150.

As of Aug. 30 at 12 p.m. ET, you have the chance to get high fashion, runway-inspired lips IRL.

Images: Pat McGrath (4); Pat McGrath/Instagram (4)