The "Oatmeal Latte" On The Starbucks Secret Menu Is The Latest Food Fad To Take Over The Internet

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Starbucks menu is jam packed with all sorts of tastebud-tingling drinks and snacks; but if you're game for thinking outside the menu — er, the box — you'll find even more delicious surprises. The "Oatmeal Latte" is the latest Starbucks secret menu item to drive the internet wild, and for a good reason: It's basically your caffeinated coffee kick and a tasty, filling breakfast rolled into one. It's not an official Starbucks menu item; nor can it be found on, the prevailing source for Starbucks menu hacks. But that's OK; it pays to get creative. Besides, who can resist an idea that covers the whole two birds, one stone thing?

According to Popsugar, the Oatmeal Latte consists of oatmeal made with steamed milk instead of water (it can be cow's milk, soy milk, or even Starbucks' new almondmilk), and a shot or two of espresso that your barista throws on top. Let it all sit for around three minutes so that the oatmeal gets to the perfect consistency and really takes on the flavor of the espresso. And don't forget about all of your topping options! Brown sugar, nuts, and honey all make excellent toppers.

Although the term "latte" might be a bit of a misnomer here — it's not exactly drinkable — this breakfast idea has everything you need to get your day started off right. And the best part? Is that it's perfect on the go. Not to mention the fact that you can drink whatever milky espresso is left at the bottom of the cup once you've finished the oatmeal. Most convenient breakfast ever? Yes. Sooo much better than regular oatmeal.


Oatmeal is such a versatile breakfast recipe (plus, it's a great food for sustained energy), so don't be afraid to get a little creative with yours. Sometimes I put cocoa powder in my oatmeal — and now I'm wondering what kind of chocolatey twist Starbucks might be able to add to the mix. Oatmeal itself can be a little bland, so start brainstorming ideas.

Especially since this isn't an official Starbucks menu item, remember that your barista may not be familiar with the Oatmeal Latte; as such, you'll probably want to approach ordering it by component, rather than by simply asking for it by name. The good news is that it's relatively easy to explain, and (hopefully) pretty quick to make; and you can even ask for the shots of espresso separately! Whatever you do, though, don't forget your "please" and "thank you." Politeness is free.

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