When Will Josh & Amanda Get Married After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They Are Moving Quickly

Ever since he first walked into Bachelor in Paradise, Josh and Amanda have been attached at the tongue (gross, I know but it's the damn truth). Even though it looked like she was totally into Nick for a time, she has definitely moved fully onto Team Josh now. I mean, Josh even proposed to Amanda during the show's finale. So, when will Josh and Amanda get married?

Despite the issues that have arisen around them with people questioning their relationship, they have remained committed to making things work on the show and off. Amanda hasn't paid much attention to what her fellow contestants, or the fans, have had to say about her man. Josh seems glad about that, posting this telling Instagram caption to accompany a photo of the couple kissing. "It's okay if the rest of the world thinks I'm a douchebag, as long as she likes me #SorryShesSoCuteIJustWannaEatHerFace," he wrote. So, I can have as many concerns as I'd like, but Amanda and Josh seem in it for the long haul. And, they're not being secretive about things.

Even before the show finished airing, TMZ caught Josh and Amanda out together with her kids, and they were also spotted together at Target. So, these two are making it work, and, if I had to put a prediction out there, I would say that there is likely a wedding on the horizon.

It's very clear that they are into each other, and, since they told Us Weekly they now live together, it seems things are progressing quickly. Amanda has a real responsibility at home with two kids, and she is obviously going to be looking for a stable guy to be a possible stepfather in her children's lives. That might lead them to tie the knot sooner, rather than later. I think to make it through the drama they have proves they're a strong couple, and it might just mean they hurry down that aisle.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC