Sofia Vergara To Launch New Perfume, Expands Empire

Sofía Vergara is launching a new fragrance, but don’t think this is just another celeb endorsement deal complete with a sexy commercial and weird name like Enigma. Vergara is building an empire one contract at a time and proving she's a force with staying power.

WWD reports that Vergara has signed a deal with fragrance house Parlux Ltd. and packaging specialist Maesa to create fragrance Sofía by Sofía Vergara. The deal gives her creative control over the fragrance with no licensing contract to eat up the cash sure to come flooding in once the scent hits exclusively on HSN on April 24. Mother’s Day bait, anyone?

The scent itself — inspired by Vergara’s home country of Columbia — its packaging, marketing, and distribution will all be under the actress’ control. Vergara tells WWD:

I wanted to make sure it was a great product and that I was going with the right people. I usually don’t like getting into things where I don’t have a say. I just don’t want to give them my name and say, ‘Do whatever you want.’ I am trying to create my brand. I’ve been able to do many other projects. I have my clothing line, the makeup, the hair, the furniture, and this was something that really rounds out my brand.

Her previous endorsement deals with the likes of Diet Pepsi, Covergirl, Rooms To Go, and a little show called Modern Family have kept her in the spotlight stateside, while Spanish language deals with brands like Comcast and State Farm insurance have kept her in touch with the Latino community. The double exposure makes her name a goldmine.

Somehow Vergara has bridged the gap between the English and Spanish consumer, been crazy successful, and seemed likable the entire time. (Are you taking notes Gwyneth Paltrow?) Is it her looks, her accent, her talent, or her willingness to make a fool of herself on The Ellen Show?

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Maybe it's just good ol' business acumen mixed with a little right place at right time. Whatever it is, it's working. Are we maybe watching the first Latina celebrity billionaire in the making? And can we still get the sexy perfume commercial? Girl crush.