'Murder In The First' Could Get Season 4 Next Year

The death of Normandy Parker may have seemed simple to unravel in the premiere of Murder in the First Season 3, but after nine episodes, it feels like Detective English haven't gotten any closer to uncovering who's behind that secret cell phone from Angela Barnes. And after everything somehow wraps up in the Season 3 finale, will Murder in the First return for Season 4? Even though it's about to end its third season, and there's been no news from TNT just yet. For the past few years, Murder in the First 's been renewed in mid-fall, so if there is a positive announcement, it will likely come after the season finale but before Halloween.

Each season of the show dissects one case, lending the show a unique spin on the procedural format. And that's one of the many ways this series is actually playing into a huge trend right now. Unconventional murder mysteries are all the rage right now, and even though you'll have a pretty long wait in store to see more Murder in the First, there are tons of other options to catch up on while you're waiting for this TNT series to return for it's possible fourth whodunit case.

The Night Of

It dissatisfied many by the end, but eventually, all of the atmospheric setup devolved into what's basically the most ambitious episode of Law & Order of all time. Points for finishing its story in one short season, rather than leaving viewers hanging for additional information.

Happy Valley

Tough, sensibly dressed female detective? Rainy climate? Small town? Yep, these are the ingredients for a perfect crime drama. I won't say much more for fear of spoiling the unique elements that provide a twist on a familiar formula

Making A Murderer

Haven't seen this documentary yet? I'm not sure where you were in late 2015, but this post-Murder in the First lull is the perfect time to catch up if you haven't. Patricularly because there will be a second season on its way that covers the post-conviction fight for Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery's freedom.

JonBenét Ramsay Documentaries

Barry Williams/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's several upcoming documentary reexaminations of the tragic death of child pageant star JonBenét Ramsay. The kidnapping and murder was never solved. A&E's doc, called The Killing of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered , will premiere on Labor Day weekend, and CBS is airing a three-part documentary soon after.


This British series has a crackerjack lead detective played by the very charming Anna Friel, and the plot structure turns up the heat on her throughout the season, charging her with not just solving murders, but also clearing her own name.


Originally aired in early 2015 in the UK, then on Amazon Prime in the US, this recommendation doesn't get pushed around as often as some other series. But press pause on Broadchurch Season 2 in order to watch this icy cold procedural. It's got lots of similarities to Fargo, from the snow to the small town setting.

See? There are plenty of ways to fill time until a possible Murder in the First Season 4.

Image: TNT; Craig Blankenhorn/HBO; Netflix