What Roommates Would Say If They Were Really Being Honest — VIDEO

You haven't really lived until you've managed to survive living with a roommate — or roommates. I'm not talking about the cute way you might refer to your S.O. after five years together, but actually living in close quarters with random people (or friends) you're NOT in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with. And if you've ever wondered what said roommates are actually thinking, a new BuzzFeed video breaks it all down for you.

I was once a terrible roommate. In college, I lived with three lovely ladies who were kind and clean, who bought groceries once a week, and who kept the bathroom smelling like cloves and tulips from the French countryside. Enter me: a total Tasmanian devil who dyed the tub purple every time I'd do my hair, leave dishes out until the next full moon inspired me to clean them, and bring weird guys around without asking, and proceed to get drunk and loud. In short, if there was to be a video made revealing what my immature self did behind my roommates' backs, this might come pretty close. And to my former roomies? I hope 15 years later you can forgive me, for I have truly seen the error of my ways.

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Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube