That Mysterious Drake & Rihanna Website Is Fake

If any two celebrities know how to play with their fans' emotions, it's Drake and Rihanna. On Tuesday, MTV's Twitter alerted its followers to a mysterious Drake and Rihanna website. The website is listed as "drakeandrihanna.com" and there is a countdown, which is counting down to... who knows what. Whatever the case, it definitely gained attention and made fans want to know more details. Unfortunately for everyone who got super excited, it was confirmed to Bustle by a source in Drake's camp that the Drake and Rihanna website is fake. Bustle has also reached out to Rihanna's rep for comment, but has yet to receive a response. According to Pitchfork, Rihanna's camp also confirmed that the website has nothing to do with RiRi.

Upon first seeing the website, it looks legit. I'm sure many, like myself, thought some type of huge announcement was coming from Drake and Rihanna. This would've been the perfect way for them to reveal a joint tour, a joint album, another hit single, a Las Vegas residency, or better yet, confirm they're actually in a relationship. None of that is going to happen on the website, apparently. As Genius pointed out on Twitter, the website is "counting down to Sept. 8th at 9PM. right in between Drake's two shows at Staples Center." That definitely makes it all even curiouser, but stop being curious, because it means nothing.

It's unclear who set up the website, what it's for, or if the countdown (which as of Tuesday, Aug. 30 has nine days left on it) is even real. Seeing as it is hoax, it's probably just to cause a stir and get everyone talking. Well, mission accomplished, because I have a feeling "drakeandrihanna.com" was one of the most visited websites on Tuesday.