What Happened When I Wore Bold Lipstick For A Week

I'll admit, I was a huge lipstick fan during my college days. Whether I was wearing deep purples or bright reds, I'd actually revolve my outfit around the color of lipstick I'd wear. Obsessive? Maybe just a little. Over the past couple of years, however, I seemed to have forgotten about my ability to pull off a bold lip. I'm not sure why, but I think I got accustomed to the idea that in order to assimilate as an adult in the working world, I'd have to keep my lip color professional and subtle. As a result of me thinking this way, the lip colors I now tend to wear are neutral beiges and light pinks.

But when I recently saw a picture of myself wearing red lipstick back in the day, realized just how much I missed wearing bolder colors. I mean, if my friends can slay in their deep blues and oranges, I might as well try too, right? There shouldn't be anything holding me back from expressing myself through my makeup.

So in partnership with MAKE UP FOR EVER, I took up a weeklong challenge to wear a different vibrant lipstick color each day. They sent over six shades from their Artist Rouge lip collection, including two from their limited-edition collaboration with Icona Pop and makeup artist Colby Smith: one was a sultry red matte (M401, or "Hot") and one was a highly pigmented, creamy deep blue (C603, or "Midnight Blue").

For me, the main point of this experiment was to see if I felt more empowered through wearing bold lipstick throughout my week and examine how it affected my mood. All I can say now is that I've definitely been missing out.

From deep blue/green to bright red, here were the colors I sampled:

Day 1: A Neutral Shade

I decided to start off with a neutral color. I mostly worked in a coffee shop this day, so I didn't feel too self-conscious about how bold my lip was. I really enjoyed how the color was bold enough to pop off my lip, but still looked a little subtle. I was pretty comfortable wearing it and thought it added a nice little touch to the way I like to do my makeup. I also really liked the lipstick's creamy formula.

Day 2: A Brighter Pink

Next I decided to try on the bright pink. I paired it with a gray sweater for a more relaxed feel. Although this pink was much brighter than what I usually wear, I ended up liking the cheeriness of the shade. I mostly did errands and walked around the city in this lipstick. I even encountered another fellow bold lipstick wearer, who said she liked my shade of pink!

Day 3: A Lavender Shade

I've got to admit, I was quite hesitant to walk out of my house with this lipstick. Although I loved how it looked, I was still extremely conscious wearing it outside. When I went to lunch, however, it was actually a great conversation-starter.

My friend told me that it was super-reminiscent of the '90s, and totally matched my aesthetic. This gave me a little pep in my step. Not only did I become more comfortable after getting used to the color, but I even reapplied it after eating. The formula's consistency glided perfectly onto my lips for an easy reapplication as well.

Day 4: A Blueish/Green

This was probably the boldest color I've ever worn in my life. I never imagined myself wearing such a dark color, but it paired well with my black T-shirt, and I really enjoyed wearing the color while I was out. I proceeded to wear this shade as I walked my dog and went grocery shopping. I have to say that grocery shopping in this color did earn me a few stares. But as long as I liked wearing the color, my confidence trumped all. By the end of the day, I felt totally unapologetic about wearing it. Plus, the lipstick had amazing wear that lasted for hours.

Day 5: A Deep Purple/Red

When I was in college, I wore this type of color practically all the time. And when I finally reunited with a deep purple/red, I immediately thought about how I need to wear this color more often.

I'll admit, though, that I sometimes I get a little self-conscious while wearing a deep color. But when I wore this color out to meet up with some friends, I enjoyed it more and more. It definitely grew on me, and reminded me just how much I love this color. Also, I loved that this lipstick was easily removable, and it didn't leave a stain on my lips afterward.

Day 6: Classic Red

All I can say is this: I seriously missed wearing the color red. There's just a fun feeling you immediately get when you put the color on your lips. It's also super-classic, and goes well with anything you wear. I got a lot of compliments with this color, and was often asked where I got it. I definitely thought that this bright red was a nice pop of color with my makeup. When I went out to dinner, I felt empowered while wearing it. And unlike other red lipsticks I've used in the past, this matte formula didn't get messy after eating, and it was super easy to reapply after dinner.

So: How Did It Feel To Wear Bold Lipstick For A Week?

Well, I can definitely say that I'm going to wear bold lipstick way more often, and incorporate these amazing lipsticks in my makeup looks now. After my week of experimenting, I realized that my lip color doesn't affect how professional I am or my overall demeanor, but that wearing a bold lipstick color is just another form of the way I express myself and how I'm feeling. It's like wearing a layer of armor to get you through your day with confidence.

In the end, no matter which lipstick shade I chose, the important part was rocking it without apologies. Wearing these bold lipsticks helped me get out of my comfort zone. I've always been the type to play it safe and stick to a routine, but changing up my lip colors made me get more in touch with my playful side.

And although I may not be a little kid playing with her mom's lipstick colors anymore, I can still rock a deep blue or bright red as an adult. And what's more fun than that?

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Images: Danelle Sandoval / Bustle