This Comedy Series Is Perf For 'The X-Files' Fans

Are you a nostalgia-obsessed fan of The X-Files who already misses the recent revival of the series? Ooh, child, things are gonna yet way, way easier (right now): According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has heard your cries for more of The X-Files and is producing a pilot called Ghosted , a comedic adaption of the series that will star Adam Scott and Craig Robinson. Scott and Robinson, who are also executive producing the project, will play the lead characters who are hired by the Underground Investigative Service to investigate a series of "unexplained" activity in Los Angeles — but there is a greater mystery afoot that could threaten humanity's very existence which they begin to uncover in the meantime.

Robinson plays the Scully-style "skeptic" Leroy Wright, while Scott will play the Mulder-style genius true believer, Max Allison. It has not yet been revealed if the two detectives will share the same sort of smoldering platonic love Scully and Mulder shared so beautifully on The X-Files — or, the romantic love — but we can only hope. Even without any sort of unbridled sexual tension, this single-camera comedy will most likely delight fans of the popular '90s series.

Scott and Robinson have worked together before in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and managed to make people laugh, so it stands to reason they can do it again. It will help that Tom Gormican, the writer of the romantic comedy That Awkward Moment, will be on board as a writer and executive-producer to add his comedic talents. Also involved is Scott's wife, Naomi Scott, which is darn cute.

Regardless of whether or not this series is true to The X-Files canon, it will be great to see Adam Scott on a network TV show again. The world of television has seemed a little dimmer without his presence on the popular NBC series, Parks and Recreation , so it's about time he returns. Also, though Craig Robinson has been on television recently with his role in USA's Mr. Robot, his character is hardly comedic, so it'll be nice to see him return to a network comedy.

For fans of The X-Files who also happen to have comedic sensibilities, Ghosted seems like it will be a sure hit.

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