Catch Up With The New Bachelor On Snapchat

If there's anything more absurdly entertaining than The Bachelor and Bachelorette, it's probably Snapchat. Combine them, and you have a match made in heaven. With the next season of The Bachelor creeping up, and a new main man to watch contestants fall for, you're probably wondering about what new Bachelor Nick Viall's Snapchat name is, right? Hey, I certainly don't blame you if you're a big fan. It only makes sense that you're going to want to follow the two-time Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor In Paradise favorite pretty consistently over the next few months given the circumstances. Luckily for you, you can follow Viall on Snapchat under the name @nick_viall28.

While Viall becoming the newest Bachelor is certainly a choice that left many (if not all) members of Bachelor Nation with many, many feelings to process, it is definitely a bold choice and one that's going to make for an interesting season. Given Viall's personality and relationship history, there will be no shortage of drama in the 2017 season of the show, that's for sure. There's also the fact that Viall is no newbie to this game; he's been there, done that (more than a few times) when it comes to all things Bachelor and Bachelorette... except, well, actually get the girl in the end. This perspective is bound to be new and refreshing for the season and, as always, a true ~journey~, of course.

And, what better way to follow the journey than to see his everyday activities? Get in on it while you can, because when filming starts, his account will go dark for a few months. You need to see what he's up to before that happens.